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Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas 2013, the new face of the Franchi for the important North American market. A graduate in Psychology, is a sergeant in the National Guard USA and is a true concentrate of passions which prevail among the hunting, boxing and skydiving.

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Very fond of hunting is the female lead of “Limitless with Theresa,” USA television series airing on Outdoor Channel.

The director of Franchi, Dr. Bruno Beccaria, is extremely pleased with the partnership that will broaden the worthy users Franchi in the North American continent. In particular, believes that cooperation let you bring Francs and hunting both young male and female.

It ‘s very important - says Beccaria - the hunter / huntress of our days is a fan of outdoor activities 360 ° and Theresa Vail is the right person to take this project forward common approach of the young men and women to hunt .

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Sometimes we hear from some hunters that their rifle is excellent with a type of powder or cartridge, but not with others, that it shoots well with big lead and not with small shots, with strong charges and not with light charges, or other way around. These hunters, getting excited with speeches barroom, talk about wonder weapons that produce shot patterns of the same extent in the short and long-distance shooting, or shot patterns with peripheral shots that are equal in ability to penetrate than the central ones.

Those statements hide many inaccuracies and erroneous assessments, with unlikely attempt to explain the phenomenon of variability of the performance of weapons and shot cartridges, a phenomenon observable by everyone engages the hunt or the skeet shooting. Someone, instead, blames the gun or the ammunition for all the misfires, or enhance the quality at every success, not caring so to deepen that the effectiveness of the shot not only depends on the characteristics of these instruments, but of many other variables.

hunting cartridges, hunters shotgun

It is known that the outcome of the shot depends not only on the characteristics of the gun or the cartridge, but also on the environmental and climatic conditions existing at the place of hunting. We can now speak of “temperament” of shotguns, because each weapon has its own temperament, manifested by the degree of compatibility with specific cartridges producing a high or a low value of velocity and pressure, or by the ability to produce pronounced or contained dispersions of shot. The weapons that have barrels of good length and small diameter can give acceptable ballistic results also firing cartridges with speed and pressure rather low, contrary to the weapons with barrels shorter and wider, which improves performance with powerful ammunition.

In the ammunition, on the pressure, on the speed and on the dispersion do not affect only the meteorological factors, but also the diameter of the cartridge chamber and of the bore, the extent of the choke and the angle of the barrel throat, the length and thickness of the tubes, and, minimally, the elasticity of the steel with which the barrels have been built. Therefore, the compatibility of weapons and ammunition is very important, although it can not compensate for an excessive sensitivity of the powder to the intense cold or to the environmental damp.

In fact, the ballistic performance of weapon and cartridge can not have “related” value respect to different “external” parameters to the system, because it also depends a lot on the atmospheric conditions existing in the place. Many hunters like to divide the cartridges in winter cartridges and summer cartridges.

A difference of atmospheric humidity of 10% can produce a variation of the initial velocity of lead of about 5 m/s with a single base powders, 3 m/s with a double base powders containing nitroglycerin. A difference of 1° C in the outside temperature, can cause a change in pressure in the barrel of about 3 bar. If this phenomenon occurs in a very short time, making unserviceable a cartridge that a few hours before killed a game, almost always the cause is found in the cartridge itself, and not in the atmospheric influence in so little time. In some areas of Italy, when there is an  atmospheric change, the cartridges may lose all or part of their efficacy, without the powder has had time to warn the external atmospheric mutation and to change its temperature inside of the cartridge case, or to absorb moisture through the plastic tube.

So when a good cartridge loses its effectiveness, it does it in a period of time long enough; if the phenomenon is realized in a short time, we can not speak of a good cartridge but of a munition that has some defect.

Teresa Renda

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Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterWinning out over 12 months ago as the best rifle in 2013 by GOLDEN BULLSEYE AWARDS, which each year awards the best weapons, the Affinity is everywhere imposed as a successful product, which awarded him its form is sought or the pursuit of perfect fit” that makes it easy imbracciabile by anyone.

Perfect fit for a perfect swing

Not only perfect ergonomics but also very good quality and a more complete range to meet the needs of hunters selected by the taste. The quality goes through the selection of more resistant materials and sought to go further, and that is to bend the rules of mechanics and physics to the concepts of comfort and reduction of shock and vibration.

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Not only beautiful but well taken care of in the design!

Initially born in the wood version, now the range is complete. Over time we have added synthetic versions of total black” Camo for people who love to hide and blend, White for the most demanding taste, Sporting for lovers of the platform and the Compact that allows you to adjust the size of football according to the their needs.

A gun for every occasion!

Riccardo Ceccarelli


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hunting womanThe cartridge is an important tool in hunting, because its operation depends on the outcome of the shot. Depending on the size, characteristics of the shotgun, kind of wild, firing range, environment and climate of the place of hunting, the hunter prefers a personal taste for a certain kind of ammunition.

This attitude is not followed by everyone, but, although in varying degrees, all of these conditions are important and determinant in the shooting.

The personal preference for the particular cartridges is, sometimes, not too rational; however, if the hunter does not have confidence in the cartridge that shoots, feels a lot of insecurity that inevitably increases the number of missed shots. Psychology and ballistics are mixed together in fact limiting the results of a day’s hunting.

Therefore, the hunter must be convinced to seek specific cartridges, and have the utmost account of an ammunition for its proven and effective performance, not for the color of the case and the box, not for the famous  name of the  powder.

It is unjustified the behavior of certain hunters who shoot regardless of any cartridge, or who uses only one type of ammunition for hunting, as otherwise it is not logical the attitude of those who are always looking a cartridge better then the previous, only to end up to blaming the cartridge in the case of “missed targets”. A little ‘balance” never hurts!

A good cartridge, if you decide to make a home loading, however, is the result of a rational loading, which claims experience on the behavior of various materials, theoretical knowledge of the basic physical laws that govern the entire phenomenon in arming explosive fire, as well that the motion of the pellets and their harmful effect on the game.


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You can then decide to load their own cartridges at home, or alternatively buy in the armory.

To have so excellent ammo, just buy the original brand cartridges. In the wide range of commercial products are excellent cartridges, where performance is effective in most of the operating conditions, only by changing the number of dots in relation to the size of the wild.

But if you need cartridges suitable for atmospheric temperatures too high or low, to a very humid climate, a reed with unusual drilling, or to particular shooting situations, only the loading personnel can solve the problem. Of course sometimes it will take a while to adjust a dose for the specific hunting requirements but modern powders much more stable than those of the past, give us a hand to move quickly toward a gratifying result. And then savor the taste of retro that has accompanied our grandparents in their passion. A world to be a bit ‘with them.

Teresa Renda

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For the gauge 16 there is a different matter: in the wake of the strong impulse given to the return of this gauge on the territory by  the Italian Club Gauge 16, the Effebi has implemented a specific model, the “Beta″, particularly  tidy and without a rib for improved vibration of the barrel and spherical viewfinder old style.

stock, forend, shotgun

Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterEffebi is a factory in the industrial area of Concesio, gateway to the Valtrompia where the weapon-making wisdom is in its home. Established many years ago by Dr..Franco Beretta, already from the first steps of the activity it has always distinguished itself in the continuous search for ballistic solutions useful to hunters. The Val Trompia, as well as being the home of sporting and hunting weapons, it is also a place where hunters there have always been in great quantity: and therefore it is the ideal place to take from them a rich set of information about the needs that arise in hunting. And here in Effebi brilliant minds and make produce rifles that have only one prerogative: the satisfaction of the hunter. Yes, because in Effebi they are “innovators by tradition”.

effebi, single barrel, side by side, hunting, shotgun

So if you pass by here, you will find them intent on developing and testing more than to produce in large quantities. In the company Dr. Franco is joined by his son Fabio, a skilled interpreter, in a modern key,  of the company philosophy and superfine manager that supports always with fantasy the hunter and his quest of hunting satisfaction.

Keen observer and curious technical and commercial experimenter, since I had the pleasure of his acquaintance, I saw him engage with extraordinary continuity and tenacity in finding solutions for both shotguns and rifles, hardly traceable in the catalogs of other companies. Specialist of small gauges for company tradition, Fabio passes from these to the higher gauges and the rifles with extraordinary ease, always managing to produce consistently hunting weapons that often ahead of their time and give the hunter the ideal solution for each hunt.

In his catalog is difficult to find “a normal weapon”, because that – as he himself says – everyone has one – while the same is rich in solutions for specific variants hunting that every hunter faces and on which may be fine any shotgun, but the one born to the particular need is certainly better. The  philosophy that Fabio has brought in his company is that the shotgun was born for one purpose: to hunt, facing the cold and water, scorching heat and shock. Hence the need to not enrich it with extreme aesthetic solutions (although asking it you’ll surely be content with extreme satisfaction), but to give it “what it takes” to ensure efficiency, strength and durability, the three basic requirements for a weapon that in the years will provide pleasure to the hunter and not to give him problems or to highlight limitations.

But let’s get to the weapons I would say “special”, starting from the shotgun.

Among the series of classic Effebi shotguns, one stands out from the reeds with very short barrels.

shotgun, side by side, huntnig, omega

It’s the Queen Omega designed and manufactured for woodcock hunting that, because of the environment in which pitfall, creates many problems for our game bag. Here the hunting problems of the queen of the wood find their worthy solution and the shotgun is particularly handy with his short barrels that have a particularly large chokes combinable successfully with dispersants cartridges on the market to provide a particularly large and well distributed pattern. It’s made in 12 gauge to provide the highest volume of fire and has low weight; it is the ideal answer for those walk for steep slopes for the entire day, searching the woodcook.

side-by side, hunting, shotgun, single barrel

But the production of shotguns Effebi reserve another amazing gem. It’s a shotgun for fire position hunting that has the two barrels slightly divergent able to fire simultaneously. Even in this case the company has researched the most appropriate solution for those who see get thrown on a group of birds and know thet can to hit just one. This is no longer true, to the satisfaction of the palate of the hunter of migratory birds. The shotgun provides “8” pattern for the partial overlap of the two. The absolute success for the small migratory birds hunting.

In the catalog there’s also a shotgun slug (Omega Slug) expressly created for hunting wild boar in gauge 12 and 20 with generous organs of sight with notch on the raised thickness of sighting bar.

These are flanked by the weapons in small gauge 28 and .410 (Master Slim) who have received in recent years a great success.

effebi, single barrell, hunting, shotgun

Other specialist weapons are shown in the catalog Effebi. In particular, they have an interpretation the classic “single smooth barrel” In Effebi this weapon, considered by many a lower weapon, assumes a rank distinctly different. It is produced not only in the gauges considered classics for such a weapon 24, 28, and 8 .410 gauges Flobert but also in 12, 16 and 20 following the commercial success in South America where this type of weapon is particularly required to hunt the hare and the local partridge with long barrels and full chokes.

The single barrel “Beta” is produced with the variation of the key opening positioned or above the receiver or alternatively in the lower part as in the classic tradition of Italic single barrel, with or without a ventilated barrel rib. It has a stock with a generous pistol grip and equally generous is the forend for a firm grip of the weak hand, which is necessary when you switch from the .410 version to charges 16 or 12.

For the 16 is a different matter: in the wake of the strong impulse given to the return of this gauge on the territory of the Italian Club active Gauge 16, the Effebi has implemented a specific model, the “Beta Effebi single barrel 16 gauge hunting beta Classic old Style 16″, particolrmente groomed and without a rib for improved vibration of the rod and spherical viewfinder old style.

It’s a low cost shotgun (this year for use in a Long Test the founder of the Club) that sedicisti will certainly not escape.

 But with the Beta they have not finished to surprise at all. Its versions in gauge .410 and 8 Flobert (Beta 110) are equipped with a interchangeable choke with an extension of 40 cm which brings the barrel from 70 to 110 cm, so the hunter has the opportunity to have a small gauge of extraordinary scope and with a noise impact limited, very useful when you don’t want to worry the game.

Specialists in folding arms, Effebi did not forget to impress even in terms of supperposed. There are two classic weapons in the company’s production: the folding supperposed s proposed in gauges .410 and 28. There is also another superposed, a non-selective single trigger in .410 gauge, fully folding and made ​​of cylindrical barrels of short length (only 56 cm), designed to meet two kinds of users: the woodcook’s hunters suited to action sports and alternatively the wild bora’s hunters that very often shoot dry shots even in small gauge to free the dogs from the risk of wild boar stopped in the bushes.

There are also an entire range of  folding over and under  and the excellent Black Diamond, over and under  of unique elegance, available in 28 gauge and .410 in hunting and sporting version.

over and under, shotgun, hunting, shooting, compak sporting

Even in the field of rifles, Effebi not let slip the opportunity to propose with extreme originality its interpretation of the hunting rifle. The Terminator is what we can call “Kipplauf Italian”; it’s a weapon completely folding over itself, it has a slide weaver for mounting optics, the barrels of high quality steel and wood in walnut of a high degree with stock with cheekpiece and ending with a black rubber recoil pad.

The Terminator is produced in many different gauges and is oriented to selection hunters that operate such hunting in difficult terrain such as the Alps or the Apennines. Here the rifle Effebi gives the best demonstration of herself for the weight and the way in which it can be folded.

hunting, kipplauf, effebi, rifle

I conclude this brief excursus on Effebi with a clarification; as you may have noticed I have not talked about traditional shotguns or semi-automatic that although the company has a catalog. I spoke of specificity, of ideas generated from a lot of speaks made ​​between the owners of the company and the hunters.

And we discussed the company’s catalog as a cylinder from which Franco and Fabio, with extraordinary continuity, manage to extract solutions designed exclusively for the satisfaction of our incurable followers of Diana.

 Riccardo Ceccarelli

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Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterZeiss, in the world of hunting is undoubtedly a milestone, not only for its historic presence at the side of the hunter, but because he has always endeavored to provide the tool that would facilitate the better.

This commitment and deep knowledge of the various types of hunting, has enabled the company to not ever focus on maximizing an aspect, but to move the bar higher and higher global development, producing optical hunting at the top for ease of use , versatility, robustness and performance. This is the philosophy by which Zeiss has never moved away and that is what has been entered, as usual, moreover, in his line of rifle scopes Victory V8.

The goal he has set himself the German company was to create, in respect of the maximum technically achievable performance, a telescope broad spectrum of use, ensuring high quality of use to both the hunter is to use a short stalking, to the one who performs pointings over long distances. Objectives hunting extreme that only a company that combines expertise in optical and electronic technology if you could imagine to pursue and achieve.

zeiss, victory V8, telescope, hunting

The Victory V8 is a summary of everything: versatility, great brightness and extraordinary compactness in relation to the many technological solutions intergrated into it.

Starting the analysis from what is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the optical scopes, the brightness, it is noted that the Victory V8 has a level of light transmission of 92%, simply outstanding when you consider that we’re talking about with a view zoom, rather than a superzoom, however, has an extraordinary visual field that reaches 23 degrees.

And we all know what this factor is crucial when the wild is covered with a dense shadow at the edge of a forest at dusk or even worse; under these conditions limit brightness and sharpness make the difference and get the Zeiss, thanks to the extraordinary effectiveness of the group lenses / glass SCHOTT HT that enhance brightness in the image.

zeiss, victory V8, telescope, hunting

Consolidated factor brightness, absolutely essential with a view to the intended acquisition fast and immediate recognition of the target, the Zeiss Victory V8 project has focused on other factors essential for the hunter.

Zeiss Victory riflescope V8 optical cacciaIl red dot has a new technological genesis, obtained by projection with a 45 ° angle which puts him exactly in the middle of a lattice in which it was taken care of in the best refinement of the size of the lines, not to make them invasive in vision, but useful support targeted.

zeiss, victory V8, telescope, huntingVictory In V8 these are 1/10 the size of a human hair. Translated into practice every day, only 7 mm of coverage with a target placed at 100 meters and 10 magnifications, finding more than excellent! At the center of the red dot of the same, very small, so that 100 meters is minimally cover the surface of a coin of 1 euro cent. Extraordinary!

Thanks to its high technical skills in electronics and in relation to the same point and the red lighting system, Zeiss has focused on energy savings, considering this factor is critical when you are in the field hunting. The Victory V8 is therefore provided with a specific sensor capable of detecting the position of the weapon and stop on this basis the energy consumption of the optics. When the lens is directed upwards or mail lying sideways, the sensor turns off the system, then turn it back on with the same settings prior to the return potential of the weapon in the firing angle.

Zeiss entering this solution in his V8, also demonstrated great knowledge of the many variants of the hunt, contemplating a solution of manual intervention for hunting, such as alpine, in which sometimes the corner of the site is so important to be able to get to the range of automatic deactivation of the lighting system. A simple button allows the hunter to turn off the sensor while maintaining active lighting system and reactivate it at will with immediate procedure.
zeiss, victory V8, telescope, hunting

While maintaining the same level of brightness and brilliance Zeiss has set itself the goal of Victory V8 exceed 56 clicks possible with its system + ASV. The large capacity of the German company, in the mechanical processing of absolute precision, allowed the system to evolve into a new one, called AVS LongRange that enslaves the magnificently long distance shooting, being equipped with 100-click (lots and lots) perfectly perceptible in the rotation even with gloved hand and very useful in the choice of shooting. The pride in the system LongRange is the management mechanism of lateral drift, tool extremely useful, when as in the case of the Alpine valleys, the wind and the consequent displacement of trajectory element are to be considered in long-range shooting.

zeiss, victory V8, telescope, hunting

New dimension of the tube, brought to 36 mm, which are visually imperceptible elegant general optics, but essential to support the achievement of the 100 possible click AHV and immediate adjustment of the reticle.

Thanks to these solutions, the Victory V8 is usable with extraordinary efficiency in shooting at long distances (up to 700 meters) equipped with 10 ballistic rings are easily interchangeable, allowing you to better manage and without demanding processing, all offices and gauges present on the market. This is not a trivial solution if you think just the opportunity that offers: defined caliber and its behavior in relation to this, the ring chose to mount, with the weapon zeroed at 100 meters has ended pre-job hunting. When commissioning aims you will only turn the turret ring on the distance of competence that is not here only goes from 100 to 100 but also on intermediate distances of 50, 15, 10 meters. Big factor positivity in search of the most effective shot.

zeiss, victory V8, telescope, hunting

The system brightness adjustment is positioned on the side of the eyepiece simplified and reduced in the masses, so as to give additional balance to the line of optics.

Two models are available, a 1.8 - 2.8, and a 14×50 - 20×56.

The first is to consider the optical pointing versatile for excellence, given that the able to pass from a magnification factor of 1.8 to 14, the accessory makes it suitable to the rifle, it is intended to hunting in abutment or MEP all’appostamento on long shots.

The model 2.8 - 20×56 is undoubtedly intended for those who frequently perform long-distance shots with the zoom factor of 20, which matches well with the ASV LongRange fitted as standard and with exceptional sharpness and brightness, even in conditions of very low light.

zeiss, victory V8, telescope, hunting

Objective versatility achieved so full from Zeiss, with the pursuit of further goals of efficiency for the target viewer

Riccardo Ceccarelli

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The shot with a firearm gives at the same a violent backward movement which, in the case of long gun resting on the shoulder of the shooter, submit him to a violent blow, surely annoying but that can also be harmful if it isn’t within certain limits . But what happens in reality?

The explosion of gunpowder tends to separate the projectile from the weapon; in other words, it latter pushes the shot on the one hand and the gun in the opposite direction.

Speaking of a purely physical phenomenon is also possible to say that both elements will move in the their direction for an area that is inversely proportional to their mass. So ironically, if the rifle had not stopped, in his retrograde movement, from the shoulder of the shooter it would have a movement of 100 times less than that of the projectile (evaluation performed on a standard data, which provides that the gun weights 100 times more than the charge that launches. Example: rifle weight 3,200 gr and weight launched shot 32 gr).

recoil shotgun, hunting, shooting

The recoil shotgun 

The sensation that produces the recoil on the shooter is obviously a function of the amount of kinetic energy produced in the explosion but also of the weight of the shotgun. It’s a well-known fact that firing the same ammunition by two shotguns different for weight the recoil felt is different and clearly lower for the gun that weights less.

The living force of the recoil is influenced by many factors: the weight of the shotgun, the weight of the shot charge (or projectile) including the material of wad and the burning rate of the powder. It is, however, independent of the value of the maximum pressure.

Shooters with a medium build resent a recoil of 4 kgm, factor that will make them lose their concentration worsening the quality of the shot.

Recoils with power about 4.5 kgm can be supported well by important build shooters as long as they engage hunts where they shoot rarely.

During hunts where the hunters tend to shoot with good frequency, such as those in bars, in the English hunts or to the small migratory, the recoil becomes an important factor that can affect the hunting results.

The speed of the recoil, a direct function of the burning rate of the gunpowder, is measured with a special instrument called “velocimeter”; in this the gun is placed on a horizontal axis capable of measuring, on a graduated rod, the weapon retrograde displacement during the shot. This instrument was used in the past, particularly in British plants for the production of ammunition.

Alessio Ceccarelli

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stock, forend, shotgun

Teresa Renda woman hunterThe semi-automatic rifle is considered to be the weapon par excellence of modern hunting. Since the dawn of its development proved to be extraordinarily effective weapon, first hunting for ducks in a short time but then for all hunts achievable with the smooth barrel.

He very quickly overtaken by the preferences of many European hunters brace that is superimposed on that have stood only a few countries where hunting had a strong tradition in two shots. But which offers substantial benefits against shotguns with barrels adjacent or overlapping. The advantage consists in the barrel of the automatic only, which has an excellent ballistic efficiency and allows shooting accuracy at any distance, being the line of sight axis with the only cane. This is a unique and free to vibrate during the shot, to stretch and dilate in the heat, not being bound to another rod in the idle state.

This involves pink with a regular distribution of pellets. The unique barrel allows for greater visibility of the target and aiming accurate and fast. The semi-automatic is the son of an industrial process completely and with a modest cost, you can replace or only its shrinkage by interchangeable chokes, replacing them in a few seconds even on the hunting ground of fact and modifying the ballistic characteristics of the weapon. E ‘weapon is robust and has a total interchangeability without adjustment of all the mechanical parts, obtained with micrometric precision by means of a machining cycle machines programmed.

shotgun, hunting, semi-automatic, Beretta, Fabarm, Franchi, Winchester, Browning

For his work comes at a price lower than the double-barreled shotgun, even with the same finesse in execution. It remains the best weapon for many forms of hunting, especially waterfowl for that, even if the national hunting legislation limits the number of shots that can shoot three and the weapon loses a bit ‘of its potential. The semiautomatic proves to be the most suitable type of weapon to shoot the increased loads lead to higher long-distance shooting accuracy and reduced recoil that can be achieved with the repetition system to draw gas.

In 1880 the brothers Clair St. Etienne invented the first automatic smoothbore, operating in outlet gas. They had no regular operation because many lees produced by the combustion of black powder were able to plug the hole of taking gas from the barrel. With the arrival of the long-gun recoil of John Moses Browning in 1898, the problem of the construction of the automatic pellet, it could almost be said to be definitively resolved, but other manufacturers took up the idea of obtaining energy for the reset cycle, subtracting part the firing gas for use in through pistons. In semi-automatic hunting based on this system (also called a subtraction or taking of gas), the fixed barrel carries two or more holes at about 25/32 cm from the breech end. These holes convey a small part of the gases of the charge in a cylinder of expansion, which is welded under the barrel. The piston transmits the movement of the shutter through a sleeve combined with the arming rods.

The shutter is bound to the barrel by a locking lug, which fits into the sleeve. Under the strong pressure of the gas, the piston causes the release of the shutter closing and relegation, while leaving the shell fired from the barrel. After the withdrawal movement shutter, one or two springs ensure it back in closing, inserting a new cartridge in the barrel. Today, most of the arms industries have a production automatic subtraction of gas.

shotgun, hunting, semi-automatic, Beretta, Fabarm, Franchi, Winchester, Browning

These include the Pietro Beretta did subtraction of gas its workhorse, giving birth to an original and functional, which uses a piston to piston rings. The patent Beretta and its success is due to the piston such that the piston has self-cleaning characteristics and that compensates for the different pressures caused by many different ammunition, varying the sliding friction of the cylinder. The semi-automatic Beretta, in recent decades has undergone updates is technical improvements, thus becoming a perfect weapon, well known and appreciated by hunters around the world.

Teresa Renda

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side by side, external hammers


stock, forend, shotgun

Teresa Renda woman hunterOf side by side with external hammers there are two defined types, those spring forward and the spring back. In the first case the creator Stanton was at that Wolverhmapton of the nineteenth century began to develop sagomandole as we know them today, and the anchored to a generous nut that stood for strength.

These are easily recognizable even from a cursory external vision for the arrangement of the pins protruding behind the dog that the folder form an isosceles triangle with the vertex downward.   The toggle spring forward is considered to be less robust than in spring forth; the first fact requires a seat in the receiver for the housing of springs so as to make it theoretically less compact.   In the case of the spring back the whole is more compact because for this it is necessary to derive only one space in the receiver minimum for the housing of the plate.

side by side, external hammers, sgotgun, hunting, shooting

Sometimes, if not particularly expert eye, the visual difference between spring forward and spring back may not be easy to locate. This is because in many hunting shotguns with external hammers and spring back, the plate is drawn as if it were spring forward (called “false”) and this is done for what it is intended to be a useless aesthetic convex, whereas the spring is back.   Between the two, the greater sweetness in the armament of the dog is the prerogative of the spring forth; this is because the spring has a different length, but also for the provision of dell’acciarino same.   Except in terms of sweetness and loading force is a spring back in those batteries that develop a tinderbox particularly long and identified by a very elongated back plate. Present exclusively in very fine hunting guns. It is in these batteries is found the sweetness of loading springs forward.

 side by side, external hammers, sgotgun, hunting, shooting

All pistols shotguns with external hammers have a safety mechanism called the “bounce” that few hunters know but that can be analyzed by following this procedure: press the trigger is released the dog which consequently takes to strike the firing pin. The dog does not stop at the touch of the striker briefly but continues its run until the same is not stopped by the screw codpiece.

In this phase of overcoming the position which will then rest (hammer down) makes the tooth bounce calls into partially tension the mainspring, which is ridistende with immediacy. When the dog is at rest there is no possibility that the same is in contact with the firing pin by which remains separate for 1-2 millimeters providing absolute safety the weapon.

Teresa Renda

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hunting expertThe shotgun of each hunter and / or shooter typically undergoes, in both the metal part that in that wood, abrasions and scratches, or simply loss of tone of color due to various factors including, in the first place, time. In addition to this, of course, also the wear and humidity affect, the latter phenomenon due to the use of the weapon in the cold winter days of hunting. We will go, then, to explore how to intervene manually on the wooden parts to bring them back in good condition, acting both on the color (giving it greater vitality and shine) on the structure, trying, with targeted interventions, to eliminate those small incisions that do not limit the functionality of the weapon, but make it less pleasant, especially in the eyes of those who are caring particularly those finishes.

What are the characteristics that the wood, an essential component of the weapon, must possess? Lightness, strength, ability to not distort over time as a result of shots fired and the recoil generated and malleability, id est the ability to be worked with ease in order to create different types of stocks and the possibility to be carved with ease for the creation of drawings that do not tend to blur with the passage of time.

For this invoice are used different types of wood suitable for the purpose.

No wood, however, is as valid as it is the “nut”, already introduced in the production of the first firearms.

It is the only type of wood, between those used, which encapsulates all the key characteristics mentioned above. The more valuable walnut is the French although, of course, can come from other countries, providing the same excellent features. The greatest value of the walnut is represented by its aspect that, following the sizing of the trunk, comes with veining, homogeneous color, porous, robust and lightweight. Also the Italian walnut is not to be despised, although not widely used for the realization of stocks for shotgun.

Only for particular types of weapons we use the “Circassian walnut” from Russia and that, in addition to beautiful grain, has beautiful reflexes, even in not excellent light; its use is, however, limited because it has high costs for feedstock and demands a more accurate processing compared to the classic walnut. Other wood used is beech, albeit of lower quality than the nut for increased heaviness and the veins usually quite faded. The beech, although not indicated for a shotgun of great value or collector, has been widely used in the production of war weapon as Springfleld.


Also several hundreds of thousands of Kalashnikov, currently ubiquitous in the most “hot” areas in the world, have the stock in beech.

Very rarely are also used the maple and the monaco, but the guns with these stock are present only in some regions of Asia.

The restoration of shotgun

The work of cleaning and finishing of wood is a thing for professionals; key is to avoid performing these functions unless you are more than expert, in order not to “spoil” in a definitive way, or nearly, the beauty of the weapon. So you can do the work by yourself only if you have the necessary experience, even if it is always advisable to consult “professional expert” who with competence, passion and use of suitable products, will be able to bring the weapon to an aspect like new.

The transactions listed below to restore the wood are generally carried out only by a professional restorer. This person is a “wood artist” who well knows the importance of the use of exclusive materials and techniques coincident at the time of realization of the gun to be restored.

The only true serious restoration problem is, however, another; the gunsmith is unfortunately an endangered professional, or nearly so, since very few people decide to go down this road craft, carrying on the weapon-making culture of previous generations. The work of the gunsmith may, however, become a profession in all respects, which requires great talent and desire to learn and that, while often lack an adequate financial reward, certainly knows how to be very rewarding. The restoration of the wooden part takes place in a single step? Absolutely no, never! It should also be noted that there is intervention and intervention; one thing is just to bring the weapon bright, and another to take action to remove imperfections, rearrange checkerings…

shotgun hunting

Let us, therefore, to do some clarity on the various steps in the process:

  • Separation of the metal parts from the wooden ones;
  • Removing the previous impregnationof oil with which they were treated the same. This is done with the dive of these in boiling water containing mild soap, subsequent rubbing with brush (not in a steel or with teeth too rigid) in order to remove the oil which emerges from the timber, left for time in boiling water. This operation is carried out several times in order to bring to the surface residues of oil and to can remove them.

Became necessary to repeat the transaction until “micro-droplets of oil” no more will surface;

  • Stripping carried throughaccurate drawing with the brush of a few coats of paint stripper typically made up of a mixture of caustic soda and acetone; its corrosive power melts the paint without going to affect the structure of the wood. To complete the transaction, then you must make use a spatula in order to remove the paint; it should be used with extreme lightness to prevent damaging the wood.

With these procedures shows the raw wooden weapon and it is now that the work superfine begins, ie the actual restoration.

It takes place through the following steps:

  • Elimination of abrasions and bruisesthat are removed by rubbing very gently with sandpaper with a very subtle “grain”. To remove very tiny chips a simple swab is applied to a piece of wood with he size of a match that is rotated over the treated area to remove the whole;
  •  Elimination of holes and / or splinters of wood: these ruined parts are treated with a grinder with a circle of working in soft felt, impregnated with abrasive paste. This treatment leads to an increase of the surface spalling or section of the forum which is, however, compensated by the application of pastes suitable to plug the hole and take the natural line of the wood by sanding later. For this purpose are generally used various types of resins, among which the most suitable is that used for the vessels and, therefore, for marine use. Compared to all other resins, this has the advantage of being more flexible, easier to apply, to take immediately the required shape with a simple and light sanding and be particularly predisposed to absorb the most of the color that will be subsequently applied without leaving streaks or no shade;
  • • Renew the checkering: the checkering, really, often doesn’t ruins in, but his line and depth tend to decrease fat accumulation due to contact with the hands, as well as moisture and dirt. Became enough then to switch several times (2-3 times) a particular type of solvent in wide commercial use and available in many armories, with the aid of a simple brush to remove any debris. After the first pass, you will notice a pronounced difference than before.
  • New water protection of wood: this is the phase that precedes the final painting. In this phase sealing materials are laid on the wood, generally derived from chemical substances and however readily available, which allow us to limit the new wear caused by moisture in the case of subsequent use of the weapon for hunting purposes or for target shooting. The master restorers generally stretch 2-3 coats of waterproofing, letting between them the time required for the timber is soaked in the substance.
  • Painting: is the penultimate stage of the cycle of restoration, one that allows the weapon to return to their natural color, reviving it in the tone and enhancing the wood grain. At this stage it is absolutely not necessary to use the exact same shade of color that the wood had previously; you can, in fact, use a different shade, better if a little darker to give greater prominence to the wood itself, highlighting the grain and making them much more pleasing to the eye for ancient. You can also create mixtures with more colors, but to do this you have to be a true master because if the color that you give is not of high quality and pleasantness you risk damaging irreparably or almost the beauty of the shotgun, sometimes of high honor and owned by a collector.

Before making the painting is very important to “treat the wood with sealants’, available from specialist companies; they allow you to close all the “pores” that open into the wood as a result of the previous sanding and cleaning. In fact, these holes, if opened, through the chemical process of “osmosis” would tend to absorb moisture giving air contained in them outwards, resulting in irreparable bulge, if not breaking, of the wooden parts a short time after the painting.

• Polishing: it is the last stage, after which you will present to our eyes as a new weapon in its aesthetics. This is done by drawing up a few hands of “flaxseed oil” (possibly adjusted), letting it dry well between coats to allow for good absorption.

Also cottonseed oil and / or sesame seeds can be used as an alternative, but flax oil is best the long better than the others because it tends to “oxidize” when in contact with air, forming a transparent and elastic film that is advisable for many types of shotguns, not only by collectors but also fo hunting shotguns or for war weapons.

The restoration of the shotgun provides, generally, that all parties are renew and, therefore, not only the wooden ones but also mechanical ones, such as firing mechanisms, the castle and the barrel, but this topic we will discuss in the following .

For now, if you dare, have a “good job” !!

Alessio Ceccarelli

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