The staff of hunting rifle while being young, working for many years in the field of hunting in Italy and inform hunters about the world of hunting weapons.

The journalists of hunting rifle magazines are writing about hunting and shooting Italian and major websites dedicated to hunting.

Working together for a long time with the major Italian companies of hunting and shooting and provide them as a consultant in communication.

Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterRICCARDO CECCARELLI

a familiar face to all hunters for many years practical hunting weapon with smooth or ribbed. His favorite game is the one with the dog stops and is an experienced magazine of ammunition for hunting. For the online magazine cacciainfiera.it performs tests of shotguns and rifles. It sponsored by Red Rock.

small hunting, shotgun, cartidgesTERESA RENDA

is editor of hunting and communications expert. Publish news and hunting on some of the most prestigious sites intenet in Italy: cacciainfiera.it, ladoppietta.it, cacciaearmi.it. It deals with the hunting and social networking with the name ofHunting Italia” facebook. And the ambassador of the Italian Club of 16 Gauge.

expert, hunter, rifle, ammunitionLUCA NATICCHI

expert rifles that use in hunting wild boar and roe deer. Upload your own ammunition. Competent in the field of optics for hunting and observation, in Italy is one of the most successful professionals.


journalist and expert hunter, puts its expertise at the disposal hunting on major Internet sites in Italy and in the world, to expand the knowledge of the hunters. Ex Former Instructor of the Italian Army.

hunter, ballistic expertGIOVANNI DE ANGELIS

important Italian ballistics expert, knows all the secrets of hunting weapons, shooting, defense and war. Member of the Italian Club 16 Gauge is a consultant of some courts to ballistics.

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