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Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterIn the beginning there was Black Diamond cal. 12 The age over six decades ago, when Dr. Franco Beretta decided to propose to the market what has been a very popular superimposed from the carcass completely black, which inevitably gained the name of Black Diamond (Black Diamond). For more than 30 years away EFFEBI, now led by Fabio Beretta, dynamic founder’s son, will try again with other calibers, particularly smaller ones today appreciated, a 28 and a .410.

Contrary to the truth, the company has taken the lead in realizing in these two versions hunting calibers and two versions Sporting. Four configurations of weapon, produced exclusively in Italy to seal the Made in Italy concept that was once automatic weapons and Italian brand but today, in the era of globalization total, must be called with force. Rifles Brescia then, the land where the minds that think the weapon and the workers who carry them out are still and will continue to be among the most qualified in the production sector international firearms. The two versions of Black Diamond has been submitted to IWA 2013 world premiere and then re-proposed in Hunting, Fishing & Hunting and Nature of Spar Village 2013 for the pleasure of hunters and shooters Italian.

Effebi, Black Diamond, hunting, shooting, sporting, shotgun


Fabio Beretta company welcomed us in and made us sit in the vault for safekeeping of weapons, where were proudly displayed on the center table a .410 hunting version and a version Sporting 28. At first sight and without even touching them with his hands in his pockets strictly, there is one thing that strikes you. The all-black glossy frame and all metal parts which harmonizes well with the brown veined woods. It is a vision not too frequent, since most of the weapons that the staff of cacciaearmi.it acquires for testing has silvery color and is often equipped with more or less elaborate carvings. But it is also a vision that meets the esthete and that from the outset gives the rifle that sense of slenderness and elegance, and you would not appreciate it. Yes, because the aesthetics, it is now well established, it is an essential factor of the elements of choice for ancient Italian that, if you purchase a gun from domestic production, the beauty is not research, demands.

Effebi, Black Diamond, hunting, shooting, sporting, shotgun

The receiver of this superimposed EFFEBI is dedicated to the 28 gauge and built in 18NiCrMo5 from forged steel; is hardened and browned in a very elegant glossy black; laterally are present nappette reinforcement of curvilinear design that over, to play a supporting contrast to the high pressure of the small gauges, give the group a sense of soft visual sophistication further accentuated by the two circular pads of the hinge barrel unit. Freed from the receiver stock, it was possible to see that the trigger mechanism is equipped with two strong coil springs, hinged at the rear, which directly activate the trigger mechanism.


On the dorsal part of the receiver which with its tail is inserted in stock, is placed the key opening of proper size and excellent effectiveness. Immediately behind houses the safety lever activated with snap back and forth and that encompasses the dial of dogs with left-right movement. This is easily activated by the movement of the thumb and also to contested weapon in sight.

Effebi, Black Diamond, hunting, shooting, sporting, shotgun

Trigger guard and protection, which are also strictly in black shiny uniform, have optimum size and outstanding ergonomics for those who are generous with his fingers. The click of the trigger is sweet and the return in the same position elastic and soft. The lower part of nappetta right door engraved with the name Black Diamond, ser-engraved in a beautiful cursive font that raises even more the overall elegance of the weapon. The chest of the receiver shows the manufacturer’s logo with the classic words EFFEBI. The inside of the receiver back onto the base and sides of the pads of the hinge barrel unit and the typical mechanism of the weapon swinging.


The closure of the classic type is superimposed with gusset ventral which acts by blocking the crampons, system established efficacy and capable of maintaining contained the general dimensions of the receiver.

The barrels are clip-on engine block in which are housed the two ejectors on the top and side stands a significant “EFFEBI MADE IN ITALY”.

They are made of steel 35CrMo4 chrome and well browned. The upper barrel is topped by a large rib 8 mm in the Sporting and 6 mm in the hunt that begins with the first bridge at about 80 mm from the chamber. The bridges with gaps of about 70 mm elegantly blend with a new full at about 70 mm from the muzzle.

Various barrel lengths: 760 mm in the Sporting and choice of 670 or 710 mm in the hunt. The pipes are joined laterally in the hunting version with two ribs and filled in the Sporting version with ventilated ribs for greater need for effective cooling of a weapon that works in the platform. In the version of the viewfinder is the classic hunting spherical brass screwed to the rib. In the Sporting version has a linear cylindrical high visibility that contributes significantly to the aims of the plates taken.

 The barrels of both the Sporting version of the game that are equipped with 5 interchangeable choke tubes and wrench.


This forend walnut round profile is released from the gun with pump action acting on a simple button located on the terminal just below the bottom barrel. The round rod ensures an ergonomic grip thanks to the generous ribbing that goes down from the sides until the entire lower part, interrupted only in its central part by elegant diamond design, irrelevant to the effects of hand grip. On the contrary the forend, unique to the two versions, stock also visually represents us the differences between the disciplines of hunting and Sporting. In models hunting viewed the stock looks like an interesting and elegant synthesis of Belgian and English school, so sought in modern weapons.


Immediately after the receiver two wedges curved plates describing the start of the gun stock round-bottom according to the dictates of Belgium. The upper part of the calcium has a fillet curve at the beak hake not too accentuated, that well joins the tip of the thumb ensuring a firm grip. The knurling, which begins with a wide V immediately after the wedges dishes, interesting completely throughout the gun. Stock is applied in a butt nut, knurled in the spacing between the housings of the clamping screws to stock, moderately concave and clear and elegant British-inspired.

In version Sporting stock is more generous in size and equipped with gun more important, with a radius of curvature more accentuated the hunting version and base almost flat. The butt solid rubber is also ideal for long shooting sessions and able to absorb a lot of energy of the recoil that in these gauges is never invasive. The advantage in both versions is right, but is available to order a chance to get a kick fitted with advantage for left handed shooters. For both versions, all wooden parts are finished with oil.


EFFEBI, in its continuous search for innovation and versatility for the benefit of the final consumer, has created a rifle insignia of the interchangeability of the barrels. The receiver dedicated 28 is able to accommodate the barrel group of .410, a factor that allows hunters and shooters to adopt, if they wish, in one of two guns by replacing the reeds, sold separately.


The weight in both gauges superimposed Black Diamond stood at 2.5 kg in the hunting version and the 2.7 kg in the Sporting version.


The shooting where cacciaearmi.it was able to test the quality of Black Diamond was the TAV Canteen of Brescia and the test was conducted on a rainy day in late May and rigid. At the shooting test, our staff has been joined by Maurizio Bertolassi, a friend and colleague Fabio Beretta testimony that friendships can overcome even the “commercial rivalry”, becoming also a moment of constructive professional growth for manufacturers. at the Canteen
We tested the 28 gauge in Sporting configuration that immediately stood out for its ease of shouldering facilitated by the forms and the weight of the weapon which stood at 2.7 Kg.’s excellent balance of the gun, already empirically verified even when the .410, has led to the explosion of the proper shots without detecting trends fledging or vice versa difficulties raised. The excellent ammunition F28 Fiocchi 24 gr.

Lead used in the test made it possible to fully enjoy the effectiveness of the weapon and, after the first shots of togetherness in which Maurizio Bertolassi he just humiliated, we have gained the right confidence with the weapon and hit a number of targets.


Riccardo Ceccarelli

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