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expert, hunter, rifle, ammunitionThe age in which was a great boost the development of modern ammunition for weapons for hunting and shooting rifled identifies the last two decades of the 1800s was the era in which it began to have the availability of smokeless powders, alternatively black which until then had been the only possible propellant in firearms.

The appearance of smokeless powder bore arms manufacturers to pursue the path considered easier, ie the conversion of weapons for hunting and target shooting, born progettualmente for black powder.

But they were pioneering years to the cartridge, because, despite having established the breech, the muzzle-loading yet absorbed the majority of the market and only in regard to the breech coexisted at least 3 systems: a central percussion, spiked and rimfire. The second type was soon abandoned, as the undisputed realm of percussion center, came alongside, coming up to the present day, the rimfire, always limited to small sizes and limited power. All designers, scientists and inventors who wrestled on the study and the patenting of new cartridges, especially hunting, always kept in mind, that the realization of any hunting ammunition, had to meet two basic features: the shooting accuracy and a good stopping power, the latter being understood as the ability of the projectile to “stop the wild.”

ammunition, rifled, hunting, shooting

But in hunting weapons, “stop target” meant very different from military weapons, in the same period in rapid evolution. In the latter, the stopping power is the capacity of ammunition to knock out an opponent, depriving him of his ability to harm: this other humanitarian aspects, namely to cause him the least possible damage was associated with the fact that a wounded soldier goes relief and more are injured, more “personal health military” will be used in the armies, to the detriment of the staff of the infantry.

There was also to be considered that the difficulties of designing a good cartridge military, are limited to the target “human”, whose body mass and therefore weight are included in a rather narrow range (140 -308 lb). But when you pass by weapons military weapons for hunting in concepts are quite different.

In this case stopping power means if possible to kill on the spot, or in any case inflict such wounds to immobilize the prey, preventing the escape or the reaction. Moreover, in contrast to those military cartridges for hunting, compared with wild range of physical characteristics quite dissimilar, as are very different resistances to blow. The range is very large since the rifled weapon is used on wild ranging from marmot elephant, and as is obvious, it is impossible to think provide a cartridge adapted to both.

rifled, ammunition, shooting, hunting

The stopping power is then physical concept, function of many variables, among which the main one is the energy possessed by the projectile at impact which is given by the difference between the kinetic energy in the launch point (muzzle) and the energy lost during the trip.

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The shot with a firearm gives at the same a violent backward movement which, in the case of long gun resting on the shoulder of the shooter, submit him to a violent blow, surely annoying but that can also be harmful if it isn’t within certain limits . But what happens in reality?

The explosion of gunpowder tends to separate the projectile from the weapon; in other words, it latter pushes the shot on the one hand and the gun in the opposite direction.

Speaking of a purely physical phenomenon is also possible to say that both elements will move in the their direction for an area that is inversely proportional to their mass. So ironically, if the rifle had not stopped, in his retrograde movement, from the shoulder of the shooter it would have a movement of 100 times less than that of the projectile (evaluation performed on a standard data, which provides that the gun weights 100 times more than the charge that launches. Example: rifle weight 3,200 gr and weight launched shot 32 gr).

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The recoil shotgun 

The sensation that produces the recoil on the shooter is obviously a function of the amount of kinetic energy produced in the explosion but also of the weight of the shotgun. It’s a well-known fact that firing the same ammunition by two shotguns different for weight the recoil felt is different and clearly lower for the gun that weights less.

The living force of the recoil is influenced by many factors: the weight of the shotgun, the weight of the shot charge (or projectile) including the material of wad and the burning rate of the powder. It is, however, independent of the value of the maximum pressure.

Shooters with a medium build resent a recoil of 4 kgm, factor that will make them lose their concentration worsening the quality of the shot.

Recoils with power about 4.5 kgm can be supported well by important build shooters as long as they engage hunts where they shoot rarely.

During hunts where the hunters tend to shoot with good frequency, such as those in bars, in the English hunts or to the small migratory, the recoil becomes an important factor that can affect the hunting results.

The speed of the recoil, a direct function of the burning rate of the gunpowder, is measured with a special instrument called “velocimeter”; in this the gun is placed on a horizontal axis capable of measuring, on a graduated rod, the weapon retrograde displacement during the shot. This instrument was used in the past, particularly in British plants for the production of ammunition.

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For a long time the concept of efficiency of gauge, for the Italian hunters, resided in the 30-06 gauge and the 308 W gauge has been relegated to the corner because of its case shorter than the previous. But ballistically this is not true . The reasons are manifold.
In the first place we have to consider  the recai; the 308 W at the shoulder is “feeled” very. The energy itself, for equal bulltes, is lower than the 30-06 of about a 10% , factor that allows to chamber the gauge in  lighter  guns also because endowed with a shorter action.

On the other hand it is also known that between the medium gauges, the 308 W is also clearly the most accurate so that is the caliber of choice in precision shooting.

ammunition, rifle, 308 W, shooting, hunting

On the other hand this gauge did a lot of experimentation, being the civil version of the well known military gauge 7,62×51.  It was developed in 1952 by theWinchester Company and was charged with ball powder and it is very similar to its military sister  even if the exercise pressures are greater. It derives from the.300 Savage

The bullets assigned to this gauge have a great swing weight, it starts from 93 grains to reach 200. With the 308 W is absolutely possible to hunt the same game that you hunt with the 30-06. In its category, which includes 7×57, 7.64, 284W, 7 mm-08 and 30-06, the 308 W is one that provides the absolute highest level of precision.

This quality is highlighted with test where at 100 with most of the weapons on the market we can have shot patterns of  5 strokes of 20 mm and, when you use the specific ammunition, you can obtain  shot patterns of 10-12 mm.

ammunition, rifle, 308 W, shooting, hunting

They are extraordinary results for a 7 mm gauge with great power cartridge. Because of its potential, the caliber 308 W is either chambered in bolt action rifles and semi-automatic.

Despite the initial distrust, the 308W has become one of the best sporting ammunition, and it is probably the most versatile and popular among centerfire cartridges.

ammunition, rifle, 308 W, shooting, hunting

The .308 Win doesn’t to realize an excessive wear of the barrel, so they come with confidence to 5,000 shots fired.
Charging is defined quite simple and does not require excessive fussiness by charging it. The wide availability of charge materials certainly facilitates this practice dear to many hunters and shooters.

Luca Naticchi

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