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Teresa Renda woman hunterThe semi-automatic rifle is widespread among our hunters of ungulates; they appreciate the quick reset cycle and also the good availability of shots. It’s slowly replacing the smooth-bore weapons for wild boar.

Apart from the higher accuracy, in shooting the rifled barrel weapon has many advantages against the smooth bore.

The high speed of the rifled barrel weapon projectile into the prey produces serious injuries that prevent them from escaping. The semi-automatic rifle has the advantage of a rapid repetition of the shot, a very useful characteristic during the ungulates hunting battue, due to the short time in which the prey remains visible among the vegetation. The semi-automatic rifles are also called “autoload”, automatic loading, with the exception of the automatic repetition of the shot.

Almost all of these rifles have a mechanism for removal of gas. Some of them look like military automatic rifles (often they are the derivation), where, however, the number of shots was reduced and the burst eliminated. Only the semi-automatic rifles ga. 22 with rimfire are equipped with a closure to ground due to the low power gauge.

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These weapons have a great difficulty to take in very powerful gauges, both for the excessive length of the cartridge case, and for necessity of absorbing and amortizing the violent recoil. The mechanical structure and the mechanism appear to be almost identical to that of semi-automatic. The cartridge tank is generally formed from a magazine of a detachable type, giving a fast loading using a simple spare magazine.

The semi-automatic rifles have a removable magazine supply, placed on tilting or removable support. The charger can have up to 4 cartridges in standard gauges, or up to 3 in magnum gauges. The breech has moveable head with crampons; they get a stable connection with the breech of the barrel. The mechanical parts of those rifles are made of a good steel, in chrome-nickel ones which are located at the points of greatest wear or exposed to very bad gas. They are well-groomed in details, built with quality materials, safe and precise during the operation.

The semi-automanic of modern production, Bar Browning, Benelli Argo, Winchester SXR, and Remington are also very nice to see.

The operation generally does not present problems and the accuracy of shooting in battue is good.

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Among the rifles produced, there is one that is special: it is the Heckler & Hoch that differs from the others because its mechanism exploits the recoil energy, through a delayed opening of the breech, braked by metal cylinders sliding on inclined planes. It has a rib rifling of the barrel obtained by a polygonal puncture of the tube, its mechanics are very accurate, the materials and the operation are good. Only the recoil is often more sensitive than that of the gas rifle.

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Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunter

We have seen it wielded by John Wayne and his sidekicks and undoubtedly the repetition lever carbine has had a resounding success in the North America that still continues.

The whole genesis of repetition lever weapons was born in the United States, on the wave of strong demand for weapons that have a high rate of fire. The studies and patents were outlined according to two well-defined lines.

The first line led to the realization of the Spencer carbine, weapon provided with a tubular reservoir housed in stock and equipped with circular shutter which rotated forward and backward, thanks to a lever that is extension of the bridge that protects the trigger. The carbine had a brief success in the market for the simple reason that housed very short ammunition which of course, due to the low powder charge hosted, resulted less powerful.

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The second line, in North America, was the Henry carbine, which reproduced the patent Volcanic that in 1854 Smith and Wesson had deposited for the realization of a big pistol which proved impractical and not appreciated by the market for the devastating competition proposal by Colt with its drum handguns.

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Oliver Fisher Winchester in 1857 bought the patent and or put it into practice in the model Henry in 1860. In this one the closing was structured in three aligned hinges. It was an important system in the history of firearms since the alignment criterion was taken from the Luger automatic pistols and Maxim machine gun.

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The Henry carbines were produced continuously from 1860 to 1919 and the original model, produced until 1866, then was changed for the power supply (which originally was towards the end of the tank) with the introduction of a flap on the side of the receiver, run by a spring, which made the loading more convenient. Both Henry that the parallel Winchester 1866 used rimfire cartridges. In 1973 came the revolution in terms of ammunition, consecrated in Winchester 1973, with the new centerfire cartridges, better performance than the previous ones. The new ammunition forced the company to reinforce the overall structure of the weapon for the most power of ammunition fired.

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The increased power of the ammunition did the company note, however, that the Henry system had serious limitations and in the years after 1884, thanks to the genius of John Moses Browning, the system was partially revolutionized in another carbine of great success, the model 1894.

The commercial success of the company was huge, particularly in the North American continent enjoying a huge spread and became undoubtedly the symbol of an era. There were also times in which the differentiation between a military weapon and a sport weapon was tenuous and in this context the same Russia, for its armed forces, required massive orders to Winchester. Despite the great success, few imitation attempts were made because of the big company’s ability to cover with many patents its production. Probably only the Spanish “Tiger” remains the only attempt to approach the most popular ever lever carbine.

While Winchester was celebrating his achievements, another manufacturer, Marlin, carrying on his projects through the creation of patents with side ejection as opposed to earlier who had expelled vertically. Great action also that of Marlin that had a good success but never became universally appreciated as the most celebrated Winchester.

Riccardo Ceccarelli

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Teresa Renda woman hunterThe accuracy should not be confused with the “rightness” since the latter is a purely ballistic quality is derived from the characteristics of the rifle is fired munitions; it therefore concerns a wider range of elements that come into play.

  The compatibility between barrel length, caliber and rifling pitch, velocity of the projectile, its weight and shape; all these elements are the ingredients that define the correctness of a weapon. A ‘weapon’ not right ‘generates a high dispersion of projectiles launched, while maintaining unchanged the pointing, so the shot will never be accurate. In fact, some rifles denounce sometimes yield uncertain because they lack in correctness. When a rifle performs a constant shift with respect to the point of aim, you can correct the error by activation of aims, through a new and accurate collimation, between point of aim and point of impact of the bullet.

 But if the finding of the shots that do not satisfy us is due to pointing errors, and the problem is not so in the rightness of the weapon, the only remedy is to resort to the weapons sights more precise and effective, facilitating the targeting mainly in place by strong shots away.

As for weapons for hunting and shooting, each pointing system has special characteristics of performance, making it preferable for a particular purpose, in connection with the shooting that can be targeted against stationary or moving, the distance of the target and the its speed of movement, the time available for the target, to the characteristics of the trajectory of the projectile.

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  The mechanical parts are the more traditional method of tracking and simple that it is used in rifled guns, and that is typical of military origin. The device “of stand up,” can be fixed sight, adjustable slider or dial. Land lines are formed by the viewfinder and a standing place on the socket, said skim coat, bearing the rear sight. The viewfinder is fixed, may have a quadrangular section, triangular, circular, in the form of pearl, thread. In this case, the perfect tracking is obtained by aligning the rear sight, the viewfinder and the center of the target.

Shotgun target organ diottraIl system is not very accurate because it is simply a small error in the alignment of the three elements to prove a significant shift of the shot; still allows a pointing among the fastest, suitable for shots of no more than 80-100 m. In some shooting and hunting rifles, the rear sight is replaced with a diopter. Formed by a metallic device adjustable, fixed on the back of the castle of the rifle. At the height of the device is a disk with a small hole in the center, where it passes the line of sight of the target. You simply put in focus the viewfinder and the target to achieve a proper pointing. The diopter focus and tallies the only two items instead of three (notch, sight and target), in addition to the fact that the hole is closest to the eye of the normal rear sight. Generally the pin is used for the shot in the polygon, in particular for airguns.

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Pointing Devices fast as the Single Point Kiln Acre and others, are optical devices for the shot against moving targets. Shape similar to a telescope, connected to the gun with the usual attacks, they can give you a view of the target normal or slightly enlarged. The collimation is done by the central red dot, which remains visible shooting with both eyes open, even in poor light conditions. Its defect is represented by the precision that is very relative, which limits the field of application only for a short distance shots.

The telescope on the other hand, is an optical instrument for observing objects at great distances, allowing to increase the visual size compared to observation with the naked eye.
The telescope enables to send the bullet in a vital point of the body of the wild, to bring it down on the spot. Avoid sunlight reflections that form the common organs of sight, visual defects of the shooter medians a diopter correction, enhances the ballistic qualities of the weapon and ammunition.

rifle.hunting, shooting, carbine

The optics can not completely eliminate human error, much less atmospheric effects that affect the trajectory of the bullet, nor replace humans in the calculation of the correction imposed by pointing the shot.
The presence of the lens is intended to be counterproductive in the shooting to fast moving targets, shooting in sudden, from a short distance, in hunting and in the dangerous animals in the bush, in framing the target quickly and for the reduction of the visual field. The modern trend has however allowed many companies to develop “from optical beat”, able to overcome the above critical.

  Teresa Renda

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woman hunterSingle ball and rifled barrel are essential elements for the big game hunting in the mountains because the real work only with a smart selection of wild and controlled. Between weapon and prey creates a sort of addiction, where each game species should influence the choice of the rifle, both in relation to the scope, the deadliness of the caliber, the accuracy, the system to repeat the stroke, weight, and not for the last optical pointing.

Not always, however, the choice of the rifle admits a unique solution, in fact sometimes the hunter has a certain freedom of decision, when faced with forms of hunting that can be charged with satisfaction with weapons of different kinds. The hunter in this case, is not bound by technicalities, but comes in a subjective criterion of evaluation, given the experience of hunting individual, personal taste and the way he approaches the game. The weapon streaked first favorite has always been in the alpine hunts, has long range and payload, precision and deadliness shot quite tense determined by the rotational motion that is stamped by the rifling of the barrel. To the group of rifled arms overhead belong express parallel or overlapping, the compounds formed by a variation of “combination” and the single barrel or Kipplauf.

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 The latter has single shot, and is especially suitable for high mountain hunts for the lightness and precision. E ‘in some models equipped with double trigger or stencher to lighten the shot, and always with optical attacks joints. The caliber generally chambered in Kipplauf is not very powerful, but the weapon itself lighter, disassembled or folded, is easy to find spot in big backpack of alpine hunters, including optics. The single barrel is used by a small elite of enthusiasts in hunts approach or look at camosce and deer. Have a single shot does not constitute a disadvantage as you might imagine, because in these hunting activities there is a need for the rapid repetition of the blow.

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Express rifles of medium and small caliber are not generally used in the mountains because more suited to short throws something in these environments are extremely rare; rifles generally combined to two rods, smooth and rifled can give the advantage of being used for game of a different nature and thickness, to shoot both a ptarmigan that to a suede. Are comrades in various caliber as regards the rifled barrel and with 20 or 16 with the revived for smooth barrel. Belong to their guns rifled barrel only, not tilting the “rifles”, also being used in hunts that require precision shots such as mountain.

 They usually have simple repetition manual; are divided into three categories, for the system to pump, lever, shutter sliding cylindrical and the latter is by tradition that is precisely the system most widely preferred by mountain hunters in Europe. The most advanced and efficient design of the entire category of rotating sliding shutters is the “system Mauser” in 1898. The shutter type Mauser has a cylindrical shape formed by the bar machining of stainless steel. The shutter is hollow, because inside are housed the spring and the firing pin with handle exterior, curved downwards and connected to the shutter, acts as a lever allowing the rotation of 90 ° and the sliding shutter.

Other systems of repetition, both ancient and modern, realize shutter closure in a very different way from that of the Mauser, through a different number of fins, or with crampons of different shape and placed in the rear instead of in the head of the shutter, resulting in the closure and incastrandosi back in the ring to guide the castle. All have a very simple and mechanically robust, resistant to oxidation, do not fear the abuse, and they work in all environmental conditions. The Mauser system is very versatile and can be used in many calibers, and although very powerful or long, do not know the danger jams. The reliability, precision, designed to be mounted and the flat trajectory at long range, making the system suitable for mauser shots longer than 200-250 meters very frequent in the mountains.

Teresa Renda

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RiccardoThere are those who detect, often with excessive dose of criticality, which in the field of hunting weapons the news are always a few, forgetting that these can not be derived from entirely new products, but some interesting revisions of established products, whose original design is so “good in origin” to accommodate improvements in the time of great importance.

A case known to most, is that of the American B52 bomber, which had its baptism of fire in Vietnam in the 60s, he continued to be a player until the second Gulf War in 2003 40 years of excellent service only because his initial project wore in dowry great potential for development. Benelli, allows history from repeating itself, through its Argo rifle, that after the first sale took place some years ago, is giving many interesting developments for the benefit of the hunter.

carbine, rifle, hunting, wild boar

After the recent version E (endurance), which introduced interesting new techniques, Benelli is again failed to impress – but it has become a tradition almost waiting – concentrating its technical knowledge on the physical relationship between the Argo E, and the hunter who wields the and paying attention to the latter for his comfort. E ‘born on this basis, the Argo And Progressive Comfort, rifle joke that if the concepts embodied in the futuristic recoil reduction, already celebrated by the success of the semi-Raphael Raffaello Crio Power Bore and Black.

In the rifle, as in the semi, the technical concepts of containment marked impact on the shoulder of the hunter were associated with maintaining the use of wood, beginning to produce a rare blend of beauty and functionality. But the evolution of the Argo Progressive Comfort And, it was not immediate it simple. Even with the vast experience gained from Benelli in recoil reduction, the design process has provided an important analysis study of the vectors of the forces that come to the shoulder and the development of mathematical models designed to achieve the ultimate goal, in combination, remember, with a wooden butt of Montecarlo. And I can say today that in his Benelli carbine gave “comfort walnut”, it also means pay her a further step forward in the evolutionary history of the weapon hunting rifled.

carbine, rifle, hunting, wild boar

At first glance it appears definitely nice football with his form montecarlo, where the color combination of wood and dark parts of a visual sense of positivity. But the appearance, never second Benelli, is the only positive element for the benefit of the eye. Far more interesting is the benefit to the shoulder of the hunter and hunting action in which he is immersed. The Progressive Comfort is specifically made ​​up of two major components: a cushioning system and an innovative recoil. The first is made of polymer that goes to meet a beam structure inside the football nut. These, under the action of the force of the recoil, tend to flex, absorbing a part of the kinetic energy. The cantilever beams are divided into two groups: the first is a Member of the absorption of the lower impact forces while the second group goes into action with the most important forces, providing the progression of reduction – which takes its name from the weapon – and breaking down negative feelings on the shoulder of the hunter. The cushioning system is integrated in the butt microcellular polyurethane which helps, when firing, the recoil reduction. And that, both for the material that has the property of absorbing energy, both because, expanding against the shoulder allows to render part of the human body distributed over a greater surface. Benelli has experimented extensively solutions used and the graph shown here, is more than many words, the evidence of the excellent work carried out.

carbine, rifle, hunting, wild boar

To complete the comfort, the butt of the rifle, Benelli has also intervened on the nose. This, applied in the dorsal part and formed of the same material of the butt, has the prerogative to absorb the vibrations of the shot, interrupting their transmission deleterious to the skull and increasing the overall feeling of comfort. Both recoil lug that are interchangeable (the weapon has different sizes supplied), allowing the hunter to find its right position. The second fundamental prerogative of the Progressive Comfort system is the benefit ballistic made ​​from it. Argo rifles are intended for the courts and the boar is their game of choice is known to hunt in difficult environment for important vegetation cover and the speed and sudden changes of direction suida. The Argo And Comfort Progressive a successful hunting much easier because the system allows for the elimination of the very tipping generated by the recoil, allowing the hunter, in a few moments useful to the shooting, to stay with the weapon in the line of sight and concentrate on target. The benefit is important, to enjoy an easy aim on a wild often requires doubling the shots.

Another prerogative of the Argo And Progressive Comfort is visually perceptible, is a new color of the casing slightly faded to brown. But what matters even more is the technical aspect of the staining, who created with an innovative aluminum electrolytic anodizing process gives the castle that houses the shutter, trigger group and magazine, superior weather resistance, superior hardness surface and maintaining a long-lasting color.

In the Argo And Progressive Comfort, Benelli has high care in the choice of woods and in their treatment; either carrying in wood grade 2, finite oil, and equipping them with checkering Wood Touch that provide a pleasant and firm grip on the gloved hand that is free. Available at the time of purchase two kicks of different lengths (350 and 365), which together with the supplied interchangeable recoil pads allow excursions ranging from 350 to 380 mm, allowing you to find the optimal distance butt-trigger (LOP) for each hunter.

Apart from these interesting and functional innovations, the new rifle Benelli preserves all the performance peculiarities present in Argo E. We find therefore, constructed of stainless steel the group of outlet gas and the relative piston. Benelli has also equipped his rifle a very good speed of disassembly and ease of access to components for a more thorough cleaning that should be inherent in every good hunter. The reeds at the top as was the custom of the company Urbino, made with hammering steel Cr Mb, with cryogenic treatment, burnished, 51 cm long and equipped with a right-hand rifling to 6 principles. These are interchangeable and proposals in the calibers 30.06 Springfield and .308 Winchester.

Chargers prismatic 2, 4 shots (even 10 where permitted), sling swivels quick release always useful for driven hunts, complete potential of this rifle when Benelli, at the height of his coat of arms, was able to concentrate a lot of novelties, to meet the needs of most real hunter.

Riccardo Ceccarelli


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RiccardoThe ribbed single barrel folding is intended for those who practice strenuous hunts ungulates, whether in the mountains or to look up the hill through the woods and clearings. Became weapon solid, practical and light, leaving only the task of the hunter to aim well without shortness of breath because they never tired. Kipplauf is the weapon by high specialization, designed and developed for the needs montane and alpine Europe workhorse of many historic and successful producers in Germany and Austria.

But it has now crossed borders and is produced with success in Italy.
EFFEBI has been able to reinterpret it, imposing his practical sense and succeeding, through superb accomplishments, to broaden the use of logic and wild which can be addressed. And ‘the case of the Terminator, produced by EFFEBI Concesio (ITALY), and with whom Fabio Beretta, owner and unparalleled creative mind, he wanted to give an answer to some of the specialties of the hunt ball, tackling the issues of realization of the’ weapon from the point of view of the hunter. And let’s start right here, by the end user.

Rifle, fifled, Effebi, Terminator, firearm
Terminator is a single-shot rifle folding with the ability to be folded up to bring the barrel in position almost parallel to the calcium. Factor that facilitates the alpine hunter often used to carry the weapon in his backpack. And just to transport over long distances and challenging mountain EFFEBI the thought, creating a product that is a little over 3 kg (3,050 gr.) To which we add the weight of optics that the hunter will choose for his fighter. Lightness, therefore, ease of transport and they do get out of the Terminator by the exclusive use of mountain hunts and for hunting also propose to look at non-alpine ungulates (deer and fallow deer), governs booming throughout the national.
Rifle, carbine, rifled, hunting, Effebi TerminatorThinking about the latter and the real risk that a weapon of high aesthetic refinement may suffer scratches on the wood in search in the woods, the EFFEBI has created a weapon to protect spartan no frills excessively and can distract the hunter. And in this spirit of versatility is achieved in various calibers.

The receiver, the heart of any weapon, is made from a single block of forged steel and cemented in HCD4 houses the trigger group. The opening of the weapon is achieved by adjusting the throttle opening located on the upper tail of the receiver. This action frees the ventral piece and allows the opening of the weapon el’armamento inserting the battery, automatically the security mechanism.

At the close of the weapon appears to be ready, armed with the trigger mechanism, but with the safety engaged automatically.

Rifle, carbine, rifled, hunting, Effebi TerminatorSo the shot is not allowed unless the action takes place voluntarily disengage the safety by sliding forward of the lever behind the throttle opening. The closure of the Terminator is guaranteed by a harpoon downloaded which is housed in the headquarters of the plans of the receiver through the dowel reinforcement created entirely from forged early.

The rotation of the barrel on the receiver is guaranteed by chromium molybdenum steel pin UM10 securely fastened.
The battery has no steckher and the gun has a trigger which 1.200 gr factory calibrated. The barrel is made with UM8 process rotomartellatura cold GFM machines. The barrel has a conical profile and is lapped internally before proceeding to the implementation of the lining in order to obtain both the crest that the bottom row of transparencies so as to make more fluid the path of the ball. The rod is inserted plug in the engine block and then welded silver alloy. The Terminator series is equipped with weaver base for the mounting of optics. It ‘also equipped with rear sight adjustable for those unwilling to use optics.
The EFFEBI upon request will provide the hunter demanding a system of rings slide and quick-release steel products from Contessa that can be mounted on the rifle with four simple screws.
Football and boom are in Italian walnut oil finished. The stock has dorsal curvature and supports-cheek style made in Central Europe, which will facilitate the operation correctly targeted. The rod has a rectangular profile and tend to his front has a slight duck bill. Its bottom center houses the deep milling required acceptance of the bridge’s protective trigger. Both football auction have serrations of excellent workmanship made by laser.

Rifle, carbine, rifled, hunting, Effebi Terminator
The EFFEBI for the test has made available a Terminator in 6,5x57R caliber. As the gun-shot and then set to pull out of sequence, the shots were not fired in succession, but only to the cooling of the barrel after the previous stroke. Procedure a bit ‘long in time but more comparable with the shooting.

The test shots were made at 100 meters with ammunition with balls 126, 130, 120 grains. The shot pattern wider than the canonical 100 meters was 25 mm while the closer to 21 mm. The felt recoil was pleasantly reduced despite the rifle used had a weight of only 3,050 grams.

The weight, the ability to replicate completely the weapon to the long marches of approach to the target, the recoil particularly low and the price, that in setting used does not exceed 1,400 euros including VAT, make the Terminator of EFFEBI an important ally hunter’s ball, which will certainly take into consideration when making your purchase.


Manufacturer:  EFFEBI SRL, Via Borsellino 43, 25062 Concesio (Bs)

website:  www.effebisrl.eu       email: info@effebisrl.eu

Model: Terminator

Folding Type: Single barrel shotgun – Kipplauf

Gauges available: 5,6×50 RM, 5,6×52 R, 243 Win, 6,5×57 R, 7×64, 7.65 R, 308 Win, 45-70 Gov.

Closing: a sliding block on crampons with reinforced rocker

Percussion: system in dog inside

Extractor: type manual

Rear: sights come standard with weaver base

Barrel: length 650 mm

Diameter at the muzzle: 14 mm

Pitch of rifling: depending on the rating table CIP

Taking: direct ceramic with a weight of 1,200 grams

Total length of the weapon: 990 mm 38  31/32 in (990 mm)

Weight: about 3,050

Finishing: metal parts finished in black, wood oil finished

List Price: 1.400 Euro ($ 1,874.32)

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