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Teresa Renda woman hunterSuitable for killing prey quickly and accurately, without spoiling by excess power, without causing injury and suffering to the game because of lack of damaging capacity, these rifles are the excellence for medium and large game hunting. The choice of the right weapon is not only a requirement of hunting, but an element based on serious scientific evaluations.

The Express was created to replace the larger-caliber rifles, muzzle-loading or breech, with which the hunters of the last century faced dangerous game, firing heavy lead shot propelled by huge doses of black powder. More manageable and lethal weapons were necessary. These types of two-barrels rifles are now manufactured by many companies, in powerful gauges reserved for bigger game and in medium gauges used mainly in some European or American hunts.

The price is usually high because the process requires a large amount of highly skilled labor. The express is used to hunt large dangerous animals, in short and medium distance ranges, because it allows instant repeat firing, it doesn’t jam, and its mechanics hardly ever fail.

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Changing the type of cartridge or changing slightly the firing range, the Express’ accuracy can be harmed. It is capable of chambering all gauges, from small .22 rimfire ignition to the 700 Nitro Express, making it suitable for hunting any species of animal. It can have adjacent or overlapping barrels, short batteries ANSON type or long battery mounted on side plates, normal or automatic ejectors, one or two triggers.


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It is a type of rifle that can not allow for mediocrity of execution and requires an accurate adjustment when shooting. The side by side barrels express are made also with short batteries Anson & Deeley type, but more often with batteries Holland & Holland with double bar safety and dual closure Purdey almost always helped in this task by a third lock type round plug Greener, or an head doll Westley Richards. The third closure is almost essential in high gauge express to resist the frightening stresses of firing powerful cartridges. The superposed express by its nature is much more accurate, and also requires a more easy adjustment when shooting because it doesn’t have lateral deviations of the barrels to correct, it is not subject to bending of the barrels downwards, in particular in bigger power gauges.

It is almost always more robust because of the “U” shape of the receiver that hugs the barrels and that allows coaxial symmetric closures.

Teresa Renda

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huntersMaurizio Bertolassi, personable, knowledgeable and creative craftsman Sarezzo (Italy)  puts this philosophy in the weapons they produce. Ne more, no less. For a short time he decided to go to the direct production after many years and experiences in some of the most celebrated companies in the arms sector. And so it is with his co-workers are also repositories of a wealth of experience in the construction manual of arms for hunting and sports. The result of this combination is RFM, dynamic company that has been proposed on the market fighting in these years of crisis and the narrow ricavandosi visibility and appreciation on both the national and international market.

This success stems from the great capacity for innovation and the creative force of not less Maurizio and his Staff, capable of producing weapons general but also specific, highly appreciated abroad.

Speaking of RFM is to talk about goals, though, with equal capacity are made by overlapping hunting and target shooting. But as we know every company is identified with its specific DNA and that of the house of Sarezzo is the rifle barrel juxtaposed. On the most classic of hunting weapons RFM is produced in imported creations for special hunts, in addition to the range of standard shotguns.

The visit Cacciaearmi.it has created the company in July has allowed us to fully appreciate and touch comes as a weapon. The first element that has emerged from the long and passionate interview with Maurizio, continued after closing with a great pizza is the motor company: passion.

From this and only this stems from the deep knowledge of a subject not easy made ​​of ability to design a rifle just doing two sketches on a sheet of paper and then produce it in accordance with the laws of ballistics which is the only and absolute examining the weapon.

A profession, that of the artisan producer of weapons, which knows no computer for the design, because everything that the computer should develop in his mind is already made and the idea that she has in mind. To this is associated with a profound knowledge of the working of metal and wood, so as to combine these two elements into a weapon that looks and perfect functioning. In the midst of this there is an infinite number of instruments hanging on the walls and immense wisdom in knowing how to use.

This is RFM, this is Maurizio Bertolassi, these are his employees. I had perceived in the availability of Mauritius to participate in Hunt Village 2013 to Focus on the 16 gauge that behind his words and his answers had concealed a large jurisdiction, that humility was not obliged to flaunt; but it was of great thickness; and our staff has discharged entering into the world of detail that is the laboratory of an artisan producer of hunting and target shooting. Today laboratories such as those of RFM, welcome visitors in elegant atelier, but they distance to a door there is the clever builder in his kingdom who creates his works.


The two rods juxtaposed characterize, as mentioned, RFM, and on this the company has a curriculum really important, recognized in many countries where exports to the effectiveness and innovation.

We begin a brief tour of a truly singular goals, at which French hunters can not do without water. We talk about the mighty CANARD doppiettone exclusively for the water, weighing 5.5 kg and on which it is possible to apply a perspective. Equipped with rod 81 cm of 12 gauge Supermagnum with double 89 mm and calcium plus has the distinction given by the second trigger to explode at the same time the two shots especially very useful in ducks in the ponds cutlery. The weapon is therefore capable of projecting a higher charge on the target all’etto of shot, that’s why the important weight of a weapon that works nonetheless supported.
RFM canard shotgun hunting

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Another weapon is the singular FOREST, magnum shotgun in camo and configuration with reeds separate and divergent who gather in a sprint finish to accommodate the fiber optic sight. Also set to special hunts that require a high enlargement of pink over long distances is provided on the second trigger the departure of the two contemporary hits.

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From the research of benefits to long distances to short the distance is short and the RFM catalog has an interesting shotgun for hunting, woodcock BECCASSIER the cane equipped with the right radial.
RFM BECCASSIER shotgun for hunting woodcock.

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But the distinction of having RFM does not end in production also twice named COMBINED with two barrels with different gauge.

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Among the special shotguns produced by RFM then could not miss the specific SLUG for hunting wild boar hunts.

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And then the “normal” Mythos and Zeus produced in an infinite number of variations and calibers and unbelievable even in the 16th, the protagonist of a strong return in the receiver obviously dedicated.

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Moving from doubles to the superposed RFM offers the SK series is in hunting version, produced in all sizes and in version shooting, particularly appreciated by a good number of visitors to the platform.

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RFM SK superimposed hunting and sporting

But confirming the great ability to experiment, is running an absolute gem in 16 gauge, which soon this site will provide details, please because we are faced with an absolute novelty on the market of hunting weapons.
We close this brief passage in RFM with a slogan dear to Maurizio Bertolassi “YOUR RIFLE build it …… TOGETHER !!”
And do not forget to pay a visit on the farm, but be careful, you might come out with a rifle, because the company sell directly to individuals. Bring behind the firearms do not ever, the seduction of certain weapons knows no boundaries.


Alessio Ceccarelli

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RiccardoThe term was coined by express gunsmiths English 800 who first wrestled in the realization of this weapon rifled giving an interpretation that included the two rods side by side and, therefore, starting from the structure of the typical shotgun. At the time EXPRESS was the nickname that was given to the trains, just to signify the speed with which ensured the move as an alternative to other means of locomotion of the time. The weapon Express therefore was synonymous with speed meaning by this that the projectile launched on the target and this name was coined by the great James Purdey.

Although, express the classic pipe juxtaposed the modern reinterpretation consider them. also over barrels. But here we will not talk to express modern, this article is dedicated to the myths of the past and their guns.

two barrel, express, rifle, hunting

The study and the realization of the express port names of absolute fame, Holland & Holland, Rigby, Westley Richards, and their interpretations were the landmarks of gun making era.


Like all hunting weapons, also express arose from a specific need, given to British gunsmiths from the market of high-end of the nobles and the new rich. The British Empire embraced the most remote places of the world and the game had them present very different characteristics from that of the British Isles. Animals of great size and extremely dangerous, often especially resistant epidermis, the hunting of which frequently made ​​in the bush or among the tall grasses of the savannah, it was done a few tens of meters with the need to have weapons of easy maneuverability and power d ‘stop decisive. Thus was born the need to design the rifled gun barrel, also different from those that turned in central Europe, where the ballistics had the prerogative of the one final blow and long distance shots.

The colonial territories and their hunts had other prerogatives: the targets were often hidden from view by the dense vegetation of the hunters and the consequence was that they had to bring a lot. A short distance the shot was easy in aiming guns powerful but needed to stop on the spot the wild that if only wounded was able to load and kill the hunter. Hence the need to double the shot, both in a very short time (a rotating sliding shutter would be difficult to manage in the heat of the moment), and with the absolute certainty of not having paper jams, manageable factor absolute only with two barrels mechanisms firing separated.

two barrel, express, rifle, hunting

From these requirements came the family of the express, which just for the pursuit of absolute perfection from the outset were placed on high market prices, which are accessible only to a narrow circle of the market or for professional hunters, who made it their business tool.


Being double-barreled weapons, the first problem for the manufacturer so was the setting for obtaining good pink and this was the task of a precise category of the British workers master regulator barrel.” The adjustments of arms was made ​​directly in the field, where these specialists accedevano with arms in white carrying on sprint temporary spacers.

Here we did a series of tests carried out generally on the 100 yards (91.44 meters) until you reach the desired coupling.

In parallel with the rear sight is regulated intermediate and the viewfinder until the pink of ten shots were not going to both barrels within a radius of 20 cm, although the best calibrations carried the weapons to get pinkish diameter of ten centimeters.

These values ​​are unacceptable in the modern sense of ballistics but absolutely valid for an Express and the hunts for which they were intended.


two barrel, express, rifle, huntingAnother prerogative of the Express was the caliber always big and powerful that foresaw the necessity of having weapons always been particularly robust. These have had pistols both type Anson that type Holland & Holland, the latter very often removable, given that the hunter would be found in areas devoid of dealers for maintenance.


Recalling that the historians were designed to express wild and so are always challenging especially important as a dimension:

375 Holland & Holland Magnum – produced by the house that bears the name since 1912 became a popular caliber and still we find it chambered in both carbines express that in a rotating shutter sliding. It was used both on the African wild Indian, especially for cats, while it was considered caliber not too sure for the pachyderms.

450/3 and ¼ “N.E. – Marked on the cartridge introduced in 1898 by the famous neo-John Rigby. He was for many years the ammunition used in Africa because it is considered more reliable on any kind of wild. Then replaced by the legendary 416 Rigby, famous for its qualities of power and penetration, even on such wild buffalo and elephant.

.500 / 465 N.E. – Cartridge introduced at the beginning of the ‘Holland & Holland 900 from 450 in substitution of NE now that caliber military was no longer used for sporting purposes both in India and in the Sudan. He had a great success and was considered a good gauge for all wildlife.

.475 N.E. – Introduced from 1905 onwards and was used to express that in both rifles. Its use was preferred over dangerous animals in tender skin, but successfully used for short-distance shots on large pachyderms. The second generation introduced only a year after he had a shell of nearly 4 inches long and a half and it was suitable for the most challenging hunts in Africa.

.500 / 3 “N.E. – Was the first ammunition for gunpowder, then from the end of the 800 borrowed for powder without smoke. The ammunition was preferred by professional hunters who accompanied the wealthy in safari, for its effectiveness even against the most difficult game.

.577 / 3 “N.E. – Introduced from 1880 as a black powder cartridge was equipped with a long bushing 2 “and ¾. Then it was loaded with smokeless powders with the cartridge case led to 3 “. His reputation was the main ones being the cartridge to be certain that elephants preferred to NE 600 due to its greater penetration.

.600 N.E. – High power ammunition introduced by Jeffery in 1903 Produced by house until 1962 has recently been revived by some manufacturers to express. Its power was considered too exuberant for elephants.

 The answers to the ammunition English

9,3x74R – German response to the British barracks was more than that in express rifles in sliding and rotating shutter in combination. It could be conveniently used both in hunting large animals on African Americans and Europeans such as grizzly bear, moose, etc..

458 W.M. – Much more modern calibers English was introduced since 1956 and also had the versatility to be used both in express that in rifles. Cartridge is very powerful even for the most challenging wild.