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hunting womanThe single bullet and rifled barrel are essential elements for the mountain big game because the real hunt works only with a smart and controlled selection of game. Between weapon and prey creates a sort of addiction, where each game species should influence the choice of the rifle, both in relation to the scope, the deadliness of the caliber, the accuracy, the system to repeat the stroke, weight, and not for the last the pointing scopes.

Not always, however, the choice of the rifle admits a unique solution, in fact sometimes the hunter has a certain freedom of decision, when faces with forms of hunting that can be charged with satisfaction with weapons of different kinds. The hunter, in this case, is not bound by technicalities, but comes in a subjective criterion of evaluation, given by the individual experience of hunting, by the personal choice and by the way he approaches the game. The rifled weapon is always been preferred in the alpine hunts, it has very long range, great precision, big deadliness and shot quite tense determined by the rotational motion that is stamped by the rifling of the barrel. The parallel express or the superposed, the compounds formed by a variation of “combination” and the single barrels or kipplauf  belong all to the group of tilting rifled weapons.

rifle hunting mountain

The latter has a single shot and it is especially suitable for high mountain hunts because of the lightness and precision. In some models it is equipped with double trigger or stencher to lighten the shot and always with scope with interlocking mountings. Generally the gauge chambered in kipplauf is not very powerful, but the weapon, light, disassembled or folded, can easily be transported in big backpack of alpine hunters, including optics. The single barrel is used by a small elite of enthusiasts, in approach hunting or fire position hunting to chamois and deer. To have a single shot does not constitute a disadvantage as you might imagine, because in these hunting activities there is a need for the rapid repetition of the shot.

Express rifles of medium and small gauge are not generally used in the mountains because more suited to short shots,  extremely rare in these environments; the combined rifles, generally with two barrels, one smooth and the other rifled, can give the advantage of being used for game of a different nature and size, to shoot both a ptarmigan that to a chamois.  They are chambered in different gauges for the rifled barrel as regards the rifled barrel and with 20 or with 16 for smooth barrel. The rifles belong to rifled shotgun with single barrel, not swinging; also these are used particularly in hunts that require precision shots such as mountain hunts.

hunting mountain rifle

They usually have simple manual repetition; they are divided into three categories, for the pump system, at lever and with slipping bolt action. The latter, by tradition and precision, is the system most widely preferred by mountain hunters in Europe. The most advanced and efficient design of the entire category of revolving action is the “Mauser system” in 1898. The action type Mauser has a cylindrical shape formed by the machining processing of a special steel bar.

The action is hollow, because inside are housed the main spring and the firing pin with exterior handle, curved downwards and connected to the action; it acts as a lever allowing the rotation of 90° and the sliding action.

Other systems of repetition, both ancient and modern, realize the action closure in a very different way from that of the Mauser, through a different number of fins, or with crampons of different shape and placed in the rear instead of in the head of the action, resulting in the closure and fitting back in the back guide ring of the castle. All they have a very simple and robust mechanism, they are resistant to oxidation, do not fear the abuse and they work in all environmental conditions. The Mauser system is very versatile and can be used in many gauges and do not know the danger jams. The reliability, the precision, the predisposition to be mounted and the flat trajectory also at long range make the Mauser system suitable for shots longer than 200-250 meters, very frequent in mountain.

Teresa Renda

express, hunting rifle


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Teresa Renda woman hunterSuitable for killing prey quickly and accurately, without spoiling by excess power, without causing injury and suffering to the game because of lack of damaging capacity, these rifles are the excellence for medium and large game hunting. The choice of the right weapon is not only a requirement of hunting, but an element based on serious scientific evaluations.

The Express was created to replace the larger-caliber rifles, muzzle-loading or breech, with which the hunters of the last century faced dangerous game, firing heavy lead shot propelled by huge doses of black powder. More manageable and lethal weapons were necessary. These types of two-barrels rifles are now manufactured by many companies, in powerful gauges reserved for bigger game and in medium gauges used mainly in some European or American hunts.

The price is usually high because the process requires a large amount of highly skilled labor. The express is used to hunt large dangerous animals, in short and medium distance ranges, because it allows instant repeat firing, it doesn’t jam, and its mechanics hardly ever fail.

rifle, express, gun. hunting

Changing the type of cartridge or changing slightly the firing range, the Express’ accuracy can be harmed. It is capable of chambering all gauges, from small .22 rimfire ignition to the 700 Nitro Express, making it suitable for hunting any species of animal. It can have adjacent or overlapping barrels, short batteries ANSON type or long battery mounted on side plates, normal or automatic ejectors, one or two triggers.


hunting, rifle, gun, express

It is a type of rifle that can not allow for mediocrity of execution and requires an accurate adjustment when shooting. The side by side barrels express are made also with short batteries Anson & Deeley type, but more often with batteries Holland & Holland with double bar safety and dual closure Purdey almost always helped in this task by a third lock type round plug Greener, or an head doll Westley Richards. The third closure is almost essential in high gauge express to resist the frightening stresses of firing powerful cartridges. The superposed express by its nature is much more accurate, and also requires a more easy adjustment when shooting because it doesn’t have lateral deviations of the barrels to correct, it is not subject to bending of the barrels downwards, in particular in bigger power gauges.

It is almost always more robust because of the “U” shape of the receiver that hugs the barrels and that allows coaxial symmetric closures.

Teresa Renda

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The shot with a firearm gives at the same a violent backward movement which, in the case of long gun resting on the shoulder of the shooter, submit him to a violent blow, surely annoying but that can also be harmful if it isn’t within certain limits . But what happens in reality?

The explosion of gunpowder tends to separate the projectile from the weapon; in other words, it latter pushes the shot on the one hand and the gun in the opposite direction.

Speaking of a purely physical phenomenon is also possible to say that both elements will move in the their direction for an area that is inversely proportional to their mass. So ironically, if the rifle had not stopped, in his retrograde movement, from the shoulder of the shooter it would have a movement of 100 times less than that of the projectile (evaluation performed on a standard data, which provides that the gun weights 100 times more than the charge that launches. Example: rifle weight 3,200 gr and weight launched shot 32 gr).

recoil shotgun, hunting, shooting

The recoil shotgun 

The sensation that produces the recoil on the shooter is obviously a function of the amount of kinetic energy produced in the explosion but also of the weight of the shotgun. It’s a well-known fact that firing the same ammunition by two shotguns different for weight the recoil felt is different and clearly lower for the gun that weights less.

The living force of the recoil is influenced by many factors: the weight of the shotgun, the weight of the shot charge (or projectile) including the material of wad and the burning rate of the powder. It is, however, independent of the value of the maximum pressure.

Shooters with a medium build resent a recoil of 4 kgm, factor that will make them lose their concentration worsening the quality of the shot.

Recoils with power about 4.5 kgm can be supported well by important build shooters as long as they engage hunts where they shoot rarely.

During hunts where the hunters tend to shoot with good frequency, such as those in bars, in the English hunts or to the small migratory, the recoil becomes an important factor that can affect the hunting results.

The speed of the recoil, a direct function of the burning rate of the gunpowder, is measured with a special instrument called “velocimeter”; in this the gun is placed on a horizontal axis capable of measuring, on a graduated rod, the weapon retrograde displacement during the shot. This instrument was used in the past, particularly in British plants for the production of ammunition.

Alessio Ceccarelli

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side by side, external hammers


stock, forend, shotgun

Teresa Renda woman hunterOf side by side with external hammers there are two defined types, those spring forward and the spring back. In the first case the creator Stanton was at that Wolverhmapton of the nineteenth century began to develop sagomandole as we know them today, and the anchored to a generous nut that stood for strength.

These are easily recognizable even from a cursory external vision for the arrangement of the pins protruding behind the dog that the folder form an isosceles triangle with the vertex downward.   The toggle spring forward is considered to be less robust than in spring forth; the first fact requires a seat in the receiver for the housing of springs so as to make it theoretically less compact.   In the case of the spring back the whole is more compact because for this it is necessary to derive only one space in the receiver minimum for the housing of the plate.

side by side, external hammers, sgotgun, hunting, shooting

Sometimes, if not particularly expert eye, the visual difference between spring forward and spring back may not be easy to locate. This is because in many hunting shotguns with external hammers and spring back, the plate is drawn as if it were spring forward (called “false”) and this is done for what it is intended to be a useless aesthetic convex, whereas the spring is back.   Between the two, the greater sweetness in the armament of the dog is the prerogative of the spring forth; this is because the spring has a different length, but also for the provision of dell’acciarino same.   Except in terms of sweetness and loading force is a spring back in those batteries that develop a tinderbox particularly long and identified by a very elongated back plate. Present exclusively in very fine hunting guns. It is in these batteries is found the sweetness of loading springs forward.

 side by side, external hammers, sgotgun, hunting, shooting

All pistols shotguns with external hammers have a safety mechanism called the “bounce” that few hunters know but that can be analyzed by following this procedure: press the trigger is released the dog which consequently takes to strike the firing pin. The dog does not stop at the touch of the striker briefly but continues its run until the same is not stopped by the screw codpiece.

In this phase of overcoming the position which will then rest (hammer down) makes the tooth bounce calls into partially tension the mainspring, which is ridistende with immediacy. When the dog is at rest there is no possibility that the same is in contact with the firing pin by which remains separate for 1-2 millimeters providing absolute safety the weapon.

Teresa Renda

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ammunition, 308 win


stock, forend, shotgun

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For a long time the concept of efficiency of gauge, for the Italian hunters, resided in the 30-06 gauge and the 308 W gauge has been relegated to the corner because of its case shorter than the previous. But ballistically this is not true . The reasons are manifold.
In the first place we have to consider  the recai; the 308 W at the shoulder is “feeled” very. The energy itself, for equal bulltes, is lower than the 30-06 of about a 10% , factor that allows to chamber the gauge in  lighter  guns also because endowed with a shorter action.

On the other hand it is also known that between the medium gauges, the 308 W is also clearly the most accurate so that is the caliber of choice in precision shooting.

ammunition, rifle, 308 W, shooting, hunting

On the other hand this gauge did a lot of experimentation, being the civil version of the well known military gauge 7,62×51.  It was developed in 1952 by theWinchester Company and was charged with ball powder and it is very similar to its military sister  even if the exercise pressures are greater. It derives from the.300 Savage

The bullets assigned to this gauge have a great swing weight, it starts from 93 grains to reach 200. With the 308 W is absolutely possible to hunt the same game that you hunt with the 30-06. In its category, which includes 7×57, 7.64, 284W, 7 mm-08 and 30-06, the 308 W is one that provides the absolute highest level of precision.

This quality is highlighted with test where at 100 with most of the weapons on the market we can have shot patterns of  5 strokes of 20 mm and, when you use the specific ammunition, you can obtain  shot patterns of 10-12 mm.

ammunition, rifle, 308 W, shooting, hunting

They are extraordinary results for a 7 mm gauge with great power cartridge. Because of its potential, the caliber 308 W is either chambered in bolt action rifles and semi-automatic.

Despite the initial distrust, the 308W has become one of the best sporting ammunition, and it is probably the most versatile and popular among centerfire cartridges.

ammunition, rifle, 308 W, shooting, hunting

The .308 Win doesn’t to realize an excessive wear of the barrel, so they come with confidence to 5,000 shots fired.
Charging is defined quite simple and does not require excessive fussiness by charging it. The wide availability of charge materials certainly facilitates this practice dear to many hunters and shooters.

Luca Naticchi

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purdey, shotgun, hunting


stock, forend, shotgun

expert hunter, rifleWhen the hunting weapon had its greatest progress passing from the breech-loading to the avancarica, builders had the problem of how to introduce ammunition. They chose almost universally (Darne, in a second time, took another road) to tilt the shotgun and it became a weapon that opened in two forming an angle sufficient to introduce the hunting cartridge.

The new solution generated a new distressing problem with the gas seal and, then, relative to the absolute efficiency of the shot and the safety of the shooter.

This problem there was because the barrels and the receiver were no longer a single body, but two, and they had to be tightened between them and to resist the forces that, triggered by the combustion of gunpowder, tended to separate them. The rotation pin was absolutely not sufficient because its purpose was to allow the opening, so you had to devise the presence of a mechanical element able to resist the force of the explosion and keep the two parts (barrels and floor of the receiver) absolutely together.

The solution was devised by the company Purdey and was considered so ingenious and effective to be, from that time, the minimum standard of the closures of the modern shotgun. But how it was structured and how it works?

Closing Purdey shotgun

purdey, shothun, hunting, side by side

The barrels housed, above the receiver, have in the bottom two tenons that, in the closing phase, are inserted in the appropriate housing seat of the receiver.

Within the latter is housed a semi-bar constituted by two elements that, advancing at the time of closure of the weapon, operated by the turning key opening, tighten the beaks of the tenons. This closure is so tight if well done, to render useless the third closing (i.e. The Greener) that comes in function, for the most part, only a in case of the failure of the others.

The efficiency of the closing Purdey, called also “duplex” because of the tightening carried out by the two tenons, is considered so high that the company not added a third closing and even prestigious Italian companies, i.e. Bernardelli, still continue to do it. The dual closure Purdey is still used in all shotguns, hammerless and external hammer.

Alessio Ceccarelli

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shothunt, ear protection

Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunter

We have seen it wielded by John Wayne and his sidekicks and undoubtedly the repetition lever carbine has had a resounding success in the North America that still continues.

The whole genesis of repetition lever weapons was born in the United States, on the wave of strong demand for weapons that have a high rate of fire. The studies and patents were outlined according to two well-defined lines.

The first line led to the realization of the Spencer carbine, weapon provided with a tubular reservoir housed in stock and equipped with circular shutter which rotated forward and backward, thanks to a lever that is extension of the bridge that protects the trigger. The carbine had a brief success in the market for the simple reason that housed very short ammunition which of course, due to the low powder charge hosted, resulted less powerful.

rifle, carbine, hunting, lever action, shooting

The second line, in North America, was the Henry carbine, which reproduced the patent Volcanic that in 1854 Smith and Wesson had deposited for the realization of a big pistol which proved impractical and not appreciated by the market for the devastating competition proposal by Colt with its drum handguns.

rifle, carbine, hunting, lever action, shooting

Oliver Fisher Winchester in 1857 bought the patent and or put it into practice in the model Henry in 1860. In this one the closing was structured in three aligned hinges. It was an important system in the history of firearms since the alignment criterion was taken from the Luger automatic pistols and Maxim machine gun.

rifle, carbine, hunting, lever action, shooting

The Henry carbines were produced continuously from 1860 to 1919 and the original model, produced until 1866, then was changed for the power supply (which originally was towards the end of the tank) with the introduction of a flap on the side of the receiver, run by a spring, which made the loading more convenient. Both Henry that the parallel Winchester 1866 used rimfire cartridges. In 1973 came the revolution in terms of ammunition, consecrated in Winchester 1973, with the new centerfire cartridges, better performance than the previous ones. The new ammunition forced the company to reinforce the overall structure of the weapon for the most power of ammunition fired.

rifle, carbine, hunting, lever action, shooting

The increased power of the ammunition did the company note, however, that the Henry system had serious limitations and in the years after 1884, thanks to the genius of John Moses Browning, the system was partially revolutionized in another carbine of great success, the model 1894.

The commercial success of the company was huge, particularly in the North American continent enjoying a huge spread and became undoubtedly the symbol of an era. There were also times in which the differentiation between a military weapon and a sport weapon was tenuous and in this context the same Russia, for its armed forces, required massive orders to Winchester. Despite the great success, few imitation attempts were made because of the big company’s ability to cover with many patents its production. Probably only the Spanish “Tiger” remains the only attempt to approach the most popular ever lever carbine.

While Winchester was celebrating his achievements, another manufacturer, Marlin, carrying on his projects through the creation of patents with side ejection as opposed to earlier who had expelled vertically. Great action also that of Marlin that had a good success but never became universally appreciated as the most celebrated Winchester.

Riccardo Ceccarelli

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mauser rifle bolt action


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Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterWhen the brothers Wilhelm and Paul Mauser perfected their bolt action patent for the rifles, “won” a thrilling race that had been unleashed among many European producers and not only, to search for an efficient system of repetition and able to give to the armies a wider volume of fire. In reality repeater systems existed already. In North America continent the lever system was asserted (Winchester, Marlin, Henry, Spencer, etc.) but these weapons provided, for the management of their tank, ammunition with a rounded nose cone that ill-suited to high-distance shots, need that armies had more and more insistently.

So they were looking for something different and, although the Mauser brothers were two of the many who were studying new solutions, they were the first who developed a new system really effective that celebrated with the model 1898 that became the weapon ordinance of the German army and there was both during the first and the second world war. The system of rotating cylindrical sliding shutter, that the Anglo-Saxons called bolt action, was even taken over by the American army because the legendary model Springfiled 1903 had in some Mauser patents of which had been duly purchased the license. The two world wars, and many other of the period that developed in World, supplied the Mauser lot of experience to make all improvements and to make its bolt action throughout the twentieth century the highest performance ever.

mauser. rifle. shooting. war, hunting

But why was it so appreciated in terms of the market?

The patent and the subsequent improvements brought at least 4 elements of success:

A – The great simplicity of the locking repeat mechanisms that were made ​​with a considerably reduced number of components, correlated to the simplicity of use and maintenance.

B – The high safety degree of the locking mechanisms, able to ensure also the use of ammunition of high power, and safety in relation to the reduced risk of jamming during the action of resetting.

C – Duration virtually unlimited if the bolt action is made ​​with good quality materials and is treated in time with proper care and maintenance.

D – The great versatility because that the same bolt action could be successfully used in the production of many weapon models without modification of particular importance, and this on the industrial level was and is a not negligible factor.

mauser, rifle, hunting. war, shooting

For these characteristics, although the Mauser were two of many, their system came to be universally accepted as a point of reference, both for military weapons for those destined for hunts, even those for impressive animals which, until that time, had been prerogative of the express.

Riccardo Ceccarelli

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Stock, forend, old shotgun

huntersMaurizio Bertolassi, personable, knowledgeable and creative craftsman Sarezzo (Italy)  puts this philosophy in the weapons they produce. Ne more, no less. For a short time he decided to go to the direct production after many years and experiences in some of the most celebrated companies in the arms sector. And so it is with his co-workers are also repositories of a wealth of experience in the construction manual of arms for hunting and sports. The result of this combination is RFM, dynamic company that has been proposed on the market fighting in these years of crisis and the narrow ricavandosi visibility and appreciation on both the national and international market.

This success stems from the great capacity for innovation and the creative force of not less Maurizio and his Staff, capable of producing weapons general but also specific, highly appreciated abroad.

Speaking of RFM is to talk about goals, though, with equal capacity are made by overlapping hunting and target shooting. But as we know every company is identified with its specific DNA and that of the house of Sarezzo is the rifle barrel juxtaposed. On the most classic of hunting weapons RFM is produced in imported creations for special hunts, in addition to the range of standard shotguns.

The visit Cacciaearmi.it has created the company in July has allowed us to fully appreciate and touch comes as a weapon. The first element that has emerged from the long and passionate interview with Maurizio, continued after closing with a great pizza is the motor company: passion.

From this and only this stems from the deep knowledge of a subject not easy made ​​of ability to design a rifle just doing two sketches on a sheet of paper and then produce it in accordance with the laws of ballistics which is the only and absolute examining the weapon.

A profession, that of the artisan producer of weapons, which knows no computer for the design, because everything that the computer should develop in his mind is already made and the idea that she has in mind. To this is associated with a profound knowledge of the working of metal and wood, so as to combine these two elements into a weapon that looks and perfect functioning. In the midst of this there is an infinite number of instruments hanging on the walls and immense wisdom in knowing how to use.

This is RFM, this is Maurizio Bertolassi, these are his employees. I had perceived in the availability of Mauritius to participate in Hunt Village 2013 to Focus on the 16 gauge that behind his words and his answers had concealed a large jurisdiction, that humility was not obliged to flaunt; but it was of great thickness; and our staff has discharged entering into the world of detail that is the laboratory of an artisan producer of hunting and target shooting. Today laboratories such as those of RFM, welcome visitors in elegant atelier, but they distance to a door there is the clever builder in his kingdom who creates his works.


The two rods juxtaposed characterize, as mentioned, RFM, and on this the company has a curriculum really important, recognized in many countries where exports to the effectiveness and innovation.

We begin a brief tour of a truly singular goals, at which French hunters can not do without water. We talk about the mighty CANARD doppiettone exclusively for the water, weighing 5.5 kg and on which it is possible to apply a perspective. Equipped with rod 81 cm of 12 gauge Supermagnum with double 89 mm and calcium plus has the distinction given by the second trigger to explode at the same time the two shots especially very useful in ducks in the ponds cutlery. The weapon is therefore capable of projecting a higher charge on the target all’etto of shot, that’s why the important weight of a weapon that works nonetheless supported.
RFM canard shotgun hunting

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle

Another weapon is the singular FOREST, magnum shotgun in camo and configuration with reeds separate and divergent who gather in a sprint finish to accommodate the fiber optic sight. Also set to special hunts that require a high enlargement of pink over long distances is provided on the second trigger the departure of the two contemporary hits.

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle

From the research of benefits to long distances to short the distance is short and the RFM catalog has an interesting shotgun for hunting, woodcock BECCASSIER the cane equipped with the right radial.
RFM BECCASSIER shotgun for hunting woodcock.

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle
But the distinction of having RFM does not end in production also twice named COMBINED with two barrels with different gauge.

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle

Among the special shotguns produced by RFM then could not miss the specific SLUG for hunting wild boar hunts.

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle

And then the “normal” Mythos and Zeus produced in an infinite number of variations and calibers and unbelievable even in the 16th, the protagonist of a strong return in the receiver obviously dedicated.

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle


Moving from doubles to the superposed RFM offers the SK series is in hunting version, produced in all sizes and in version shooting, particularly appreciated by a good number of visitors to the platform.

hunting, shotgun, shooting, rifle

RFM SK superimposed hunting and sporting

But confirming the great ability to experiment, is running an absolute gem in 16 gauge, which soon this site will provide details, please because we are faced with an absolute novelty on the market of hunting weapons.
We close this brief passage in RFM with a slogan dear to Maurizio Bertolassi “YOUR RIFLE build it …… TOGETHER !!”
And do not forget to pay a visit on the farm, but be careful, you might come out with a rifle, because the company sell directly to individuals. Bring behind the firearms do not ever, the seduction of certain weapons knows no boundaries.


Alessio Ceccarelli

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shoting angle of site rifle


stock, forend, shotgun

Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunter

The hunt for rifle amateur is often preceded by a large number of tests in shooting range where we can calibrate very well rifle and optics. But then, when we move in countryside armed for hunting practice, we have to confronted ourselves with  a ballistic problem that we didn’t can. As it  always happens in the Alps and Apennines, we will in the condition in which the shooter and the target are located on different levels and this important new element, not present in the polygon, will test us to find a new adjustment and correction of the shot.

All of us bullet hunters the physical logic of the trajectory of a bullet, and we all know one thing: the trajectory of a projectile is not linear but curved. This happens because as soon as the projectile exits from the barrel begins to undergo the effect of the force of gravity. So far the concept is logical and easily acceptable. This is the reason why all we know that the shot fall and that the calibration of the optics to a specific distance is not more than the compensation for this fall, variable from time to time in function of the launch velocity of the projectile and by its weight.

So the trajectory is curved and in case of reset at 218 yards, the trajectory passes above the horizontal line at 164 yards.

angle of site, shooting, hunting, rifle

When we shoot upward (with positive angle) or down (negative angle) the calibration must be compensated because, in both cases, the shot trajectory will be higher than the target focused. In this case, the mathematical formula that explains the phenomenon is quite complicated, but the hunter will need to know that he will have compensate make as if he had aim lower. Excluding that everyone has the mental capacity to compensate that some very expert alpine hunters have, we try to give references. In relation to the angle of site with which we shoot downwards or upwards and established the exact distance of the target, we have to compensate as if we had to shot to a nearest target.

But how much closer?

There are many reference tables that contain multipliers. Here we report for convenience compensation coefficients ranging from 15 to 60 degrees of inclination.

15 ° angle multiplier 0.96 30 ° angle multiplier 0.87 45 ° angle multiplier 0.70 60 ° angle multiplier 0.50

Let’s take an example.

If we shoot a chamois placed over us, and we find that the angle of the shot has an angle of 45 degrees, we should consider that the calculation of the trajectory for the animal positioned a 218 yards will be as follows: 218 yards x 0.70 = 153 yards.

angle of site, shooting, hunting, rifle

We will have to consider, therefore, that it will be like to shoot at a target placed at 153 yards and, then, we have to adjust the optical.

Riccardo Ceccarelli

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