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Sometimes we hear from some hunters that their rifle is excellent with a type of powder or cartridge, but not with others, that it shoots well with big lead and not with small shots, with strong charges and not with light charges, or other way around. These hunters, getting excited with speeches barroom, talk about wonder weapons that produce shot patterns of the same extent in the short and long-distance shooting, or shot patterns with peripheral shots that are equal in ability to penetrate than the central ones.

Those statements hide many inaccuracies and erroneous assessments, with unlikely attempt to explain the phenomenon of variability of the performance of weapons and shot cartridges, a phenomenon observable by everyone engages the hunt or the skeet shooting. Someone, instead, blames the gun or the ammunition for all the misfires, or enhance the quality at every success, not caring so to deepen that the effectiveness of the shot not only depends on the characteristics of these instruments, but of many other variables.

hunting cartridges, hunters shotgun

It is known that the outcome of the shot depends not only on the characteristics of the gun or the cartridge, but also on the environmental and climatic conditions existing at the place of hunting. We can now speak of “temperament” of shotguns, because each weapon has its own temperament, manifested by the degree of compatibility with specific cartridges producing a high or a low value of velocity and pressure, or by the ability to produce pronounced or contained dispersions of shot. The weapons that have barrels of good length and small diameter can give acceptable ballistic results also firing cartridges with speed and pressure rather low, contrary to the weapons with barrels shorter and wider, which improves performance with powerful ammunition.

In the ammunition, on the pressure, on the speed and on the dispersion do not affect only the meteorological factors, but also the diameter of the cartridge chamber and of the bore, the extent of the choke and the angle of the barrel throat, the length and thickness of the tubes, and, minimally, the elasticity of the steel with which the barrels have been built. Therefore, the compatibility of weapons and ammunition is very important, although it can not compensate for an excessive sensitivity of the powder to the intense cold or to the environmental damp.

In fact, the ballistic performance of weapon and cartridge can not have “related” value respect to different “external” parameters to the system, because it also depends a lot on the atmospheric conditions existing in the place. Many hunters like to divide the cartridges in winter cartridges and summer cartridges.

A difference of atmospheric humidity of 10% can produce a variation of the initial velocity of lead of about 5 m/s with a single base powders, 3 m/s with a double base powders containing nitroglycerin. A difference of 1° C in the outside temperature, can cause a change in pressure in the barrel of about 3 bar. If this phenomenon occurs in a very short time, making unserviceable a cartridge that a few hours before killed a game, almost always the cause is found in the cartridge itself, and not in the atmospheric influence in so little time. In some areas of Italy, when there is an  atmospheric change, the cartridges may lose all or part of their efficacy, without the powder has had time to warn the external atmospheric mutation and to change its temperature inside of the cartridge case, or to absorb moisture through the plastic tube.

So when a good cartridge loses its effectiveness, it does it in a period of time long enough; if the phenomenon is realized in a short time, we can not speak of a good cartridge but of a munition that has some defect.

Teresa Renda

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For the gauge 16 there is a different matter: in the wake of the strong impulse given to the return of this gauge on the territory by  the Italian Club Gauge 16, the Effebi has implemented a specific model, the “Beta″, particularly  tidy and without a rib for improved vibration of the barrel and spherical viewfinder old style.

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Riccardo Ceccarelli, hunterEffebi is a factory in the industrial area of Concesio, gateway to the Valtrompia where the weapon-making wisdom is in its home. Established many years ago by Dr..Franco Beretta, already from the first steps of the activity it has always distinguished itself in the continuous search for ballistic solutions useful to hunters. The Val Trompia, as well as being the home of sporting and hunting weapons, it is also a place where hunters there have always been in great quantity: and therefore it is the ideal place to take from them a rich set of information about the needs that arise in hunting. And here in Effebi brilliant minds and make produce rifles that have only one prerogative: the satisfaction of the hunter. Yes, because in Effebi they are “innovators by tradition”.

effebi, single barrel, side by side, hunting, shotgun

So if you pass by here, you will find them intent on developing and testing more than to produce in large quantities. In the company Dr. Franco is joined by his son Fabio, a skilled interpreter, in a modern key,  of the company philosophy and superfine manager that supports always with fantasy the hunter and his quest of hunting satisfaction.

Keen observer and curious technical and commercial experimenter, since I had the pleasure of his acquaintance, I saw him engage with extraordinary continuity and tenacity in finding solutions for both shotguns and rifles, hardly traceable in the catalogs of other companies. Specialist of small gauges for company tradition, Fabio passes from these to the higher gauges and the rifles with extraordinary ease, always managing to produce consistently hunting weapons that often ahead of their time and give the hunter the ideal solution for each hunt.

In his catalog is difficult to find “a normal weapon”, because that – as he himself says – everyone has one – while the same is rich in solutions for specific variants hunting that every hunter faces and on which may be fine any shotgun, but the one born to the particular need is certainly better. The  philosophy that Fabio has brought in his company is that the shotgun was born for one purpose: to hunt, facing the cold and water, scorching heat and shock. Hence the need to not enrich it with extreme aesthetic solutions (although asking it you’ll surely be content with extreme satisfaction), but to give it “what it takes” to ensure efficiency, strength and durability, the three basic requirements for a weapon that in the years will provide pleasure to the hunter and not to give him problems or to highlight limitations.

But let’s get to the weapons I would say “special”, starting from the shotgun.

Among the series of classic Effebi shotguns, one stands out from the reeds with very short barrels.

shotgun, side by side, huntnig, omega

It’s the Queen Omega designed and manufactured for woodcock hunting that, because of the environment in which pitfall, creates many problems for our game bag. Here the hunting problems of the queen of the wood find their worthy solution and the shotgun is particularly handy with his short barrels that have a particularly large chokes combinable successfully with dispersants cartridges on the market to provide a particularly large and well distributed pattern. It’s made in 12 gauge to provide the highest volume of fire and has low weight; it is the ideal answer for those walk for steep slopes for the entire day, searching the woodcook.

side-by side, hunting, shotgun, single barrel

But the production of shotguns Effebi reserve another amazing gem. It’s a shotgun for fire position hunting that has the two barrels slightly divergent able to fire simultaneously. Even in this case the company has researched the most appropriate solution for those who see get thrown on a group of birds and know thet can to hit just one. This is no longer true, to the satisfaction of the palate of the hunter of migratory birds. The shotgun provides “8” pattern for the partial overlap of the two. The absolute success for the small migratory birds hunting.

In the catalog there’s also a shotgun slug (Omega Slug) expressly created for hunting wild boar in gauge 12 and 20 with generous organs of sight with notch on the raised thickness of sighting bar.

These are flanked by the weapons in small gauge 28 and .410 (Master Slim) who have received in recent years a great success.

effebi, single barrell, hunting, shotgun

Other specialist weapons are shown in the catalog Effebi. In particular, they have an interpretation the classic “single smooth barrel” In Effebi this weapon, considered by many a lower weapon, assumes a rank distinctly different. It is produced not only in the gauges considered classics for such a weapon 24, 28, and 8 .410 gauges Flobert but also in 12, 16 and 20 following the commercial success in South America where this type of weapon is particularly required to hunt the hare and the local partridge with long barrels and full chokes.

The single barrel “Beta” is produced with the variation of the key opening positioned or above the receiver or alternatively in the lower part as in the classic tradition of Italic single barrel, with or without a ventilated barrel rib. It has a stock with a generous pistol grip and equally generous is the forend for a firm grip of the weak hand, which is necessary when you switch from the .410 version to charges 16 or 12.

For the 16 is a different matter: in the wake of the strong impulse given to the return of this gauge on the territory of the Italian Club active Gauge 16, the Effebi has implemented a specific model, the “Beta Effebi single barrel 16 gauge hunting beta Classic old Style 16″, particolrmente groomed and without a rib for improved vibration of the rod and spherical viewfinder old style.

It’s a low cost shotgun (this year for use in a Long Test the founder of the Club) that sedicisti will certainly not escape.

 But with the Beta they have not finished to surprise at all. Its versions in gauge .410 and 8 Flobert (Beta 110) are equipped with a interchangeable choke with an extension of 40 cm which brings the barrel from 70 to 110 cm, so the hunter has the opportunity to have a small gauge of extraordinary scope and with a noise impact limited, very useful when you don’t want to worry the game.

Specialists in folding arms, Effebi did not forget to impress even in terms of supperposed. There are two classic weapons in the company’s production: the folding supperposed s proposed in gauges .410 and 28. There is also another superposed, a non-selective single trigger in .410 gauge, fully folding and made ​​of cylindrical barrels of short length (only 56 cm), designed to meet two kinds of users: the woodcook’s hunters suited to action sports and alternatively the wild bora’s hunters that very often shoot dry shots even in small gauge to free the dogs from the risk of wild boar stopped in the bushes.

There are also an entire range of  folding over and under  and the excellent Black Diamond, over and under  of unique elegance, available in 28 gauge and .410 in hunting and sporting version.

over and under, shotgun, hunting, shooting, compak sporting

Even in the field of rifles, Effebi not let slip the opportunity to propose with extreme originality its interpretation of the hunting rifle. The Terminator is what we can call “Kipplauf Italian”; it’s a weapon completely folding over itself, it has a slide weaver for mounting optics, the barrels of high quality steel and wood in walnut of a high degree with stock with cheekpiece and ending with a black rubber recoil pad.

The Terminator is produced in many different gauges and is oriented to selection hunters that operate such hunting in difficult terrain such as the Alps or the Apennines. Here the rifle Effebi gives the best demonstration of herself for the weight and the way in which it can be folded.

hunting, kipplauf, effebi, rifle

I conclude this brief excursus on Effebi with a clarification; as you may have noticed I have not talked about traditional shotguns or semi-automatic that although the company has a catalog. I spoke of specificity, of ideas generated from a lot of speaks made ​​between the owners of the company and the hunters.

And we discussed the company’s catalog as a cylinder from which Franco and Fabio, with extraordinary continuity, manage to extract solutions designed exclusively for the satisfaction of our incurable followers of Diana.

 Riccardo Ceccarelli

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Teresa Renda woman hunterOf side by side with external hammers there are two defined types, those spring forward and the spring back. In the first case the creator Stanton was at that Wolverhmapton of the nineteenth century began to develop sagomandole as we know them today, and the anchored to a generous nut that stood for strength.

These are easily recognizable even from a cursory external vision for the arrangement of the pins protruding behind the dog that the folder form an isosceles triangle with the vertex downward.   The toggle spring forward is considered to be less robust than in spring forth; the first fact requires a seat in the receiver for the housing of springs so as to make it theoretically less compact.   In the case of the spring back the whole is more compact because for this it is necessary to derive only one space in the receiver minimum for the housing of the plate.

side by side, external hammers, sgotgun, hunting, shooting

Sometimes, if not particularly expert eye, the visual difference between spring forward and spring back may not be easy to locate. This is because in many hunting shotguns with external hammers and spring back, the plate is drawn as if it were spring forward (called “false”) and this is done for what it is intended to be a useless aesthetic convex, whereas the spring is back.   Between the two, the greater sweetness in the armament of the dog is the prerogative of the spring forth; this is because the spring has a different length, but also for the provision of dell’acciarino same.   Except in terms of sweetness and loading force is a spring back in those batteries that develop a tinderbox particularly long and identified by a very elongated back plate. Present exclusively in very fine hunting guns. It is in these batteries is found the sweetness of loading springs forward.

 side by side, external hammers, sgotgun, hunting, shooting

All pistols shotguns with external hammers have a safety mechanism called the “bounce” that few hunters know but that can be analyzed by following this procedure: press the trigger is released the dog which consequently takes to strike the firing pin. The dog does not stop at the touch of the striker briefly but continues its run until the same is not stopped by the screw codpiece.

In this phase of overcoming the position which will then rest (hammer down) makes the tooth bounce calls into partially tension the mainspring, which is ridistende with immediacy. When the dog is at rest there is no possibility that the same is in contact with the firing pin by which remains separate for 1-2 millimeters providing absolute safety the weapon.

Teresa Renda

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Teresa Renda woman hunterThe history of hunting weapons used is as old as man, but not We aim to tell it. It would take an encyclopedia to also expand the discourse on social needs and often the food that gave the design of the weapons but here we simply highlight the last in order of time, the semi-automatic. If we restrict the time period of the history of hunting when firearms smooth bore, made their appearance, and began to be used profitably, the narration is restricted to the last centuries. In recent years, the great man’s growth in the knowledge of metalworking and refinement of powder (black at first and then smoke), led to the design and production of many variants of the so-called “shotgun”.

Originally, the single barrel on the gun carriage which were side by side double-barreled first parallel and then superimposed, giving rise to two milestones. Then one day he came back to a single barrel with a new exciting: that same barrel could fire more shots in sequence. The idea was original and meant to help the only barrel available a system that in some way the nourished ammunition. The roads were two. A system of manual repeater with a mechanism to “pump” that is driven by the shooter’s hand that holds the shaft of the rifle. The system was particularly pleasing to hunters in North America and still is very much appreciated.

hunters, shotgun, semi auto

A second system opted for the semi-automatic recharge, using various modes with the energy released by the explosion of the shot. He was and still is the semi-automatic, produced by most companies gunsmith systems with reset that time were also very different to today but have focused on a few well-defined technical choices, which we will report briefly hereinafter. But as the substantial difference in terms of ease of use of the two hunting repeater systems (manual or semi-automatic)? Having tried them both several times a thing stands out to the eye in relation to the shooting of hunting. Very often there is a need to double the shot and this imposes certain prerogative to maintain a proper line of sight to the target.

And the rifle in general this does not help us because the shooter to submit a recoil that shakes the body and normally tends to “wheelie”. But so far we know well and our whole body is committed to combat this phenomenon linked to the explosion of the shot. In the time interval between the first and the second shot, however, something happens. The semi-automatic, through its mechanism, will re-engage with some very fast times and practically not at all distracting the shooter remains committed to follow the trajectory of the wild. The pump instead requires the shooter to the operation of the retraction of the rod and the next riavanzamento at the end of the race. Resetting it will never be as fast as that managed by the spring series of semi-automatic and otherwise provides for a joint movement difficult synchronized with the line continue to follow the path of the wild.

pump, shotgun, huntes, hunting

In other words, the gun moves, although many excellent shooters Americans say that with a good workout in the movement of the weapon charge is irrelevant. Let’s talk about excellent or samples of the shot is not the most hunters. This factor has contributed to prefer, in particular in Europe and the almost absolute totality with the semi-automatic to the pump while the latter having a much lower production cost. Therefore, the semi-automatic has established itself right in the continent in which he was born shotgun modern and ousted him from the sales charts in a very important. The history of semi-automatic hunting began oddly enough with an American (Browning) who has established himself with his invention in Europe.

pump, shotgun, huntes, hunting

His invention Auto 5, initially almost copied by other European producers and that over the past thirty years has become de finitely story for the advent of new systems of semi-automatic rearmament considered the most modern and effective, such as gas recovery and the inertial system. These systems, which have reduced the number and the total mass in motion, helping to keep the weapon is aimed at best. Systems in use today, just to stay in Italy (which are the most popular manufacturers in the world) from Beretta, Benelli, Franchi, Fabarm, Winchster, Regminton and other smaller producers. Systems that will appreciate in more detail in subsequent articles.

Teresa Renda

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huntersAfter the single barrel muzzle-loading from the military, he was syde by side; the man realized that putting two smooth barrels side by side on the rifle, were more likely to catch their prey while still having the black powder that almost could not see the target still in the air to explode the next shot.
But it was 1700 era when the game was abundant and really at the end of the second shot was almost never used. That was the hunting of the nobles, able to withstand the high prices of these new sophisticated weapons that looked out over the landscape hunting and such because of the reeds side by side was given the name “Syde by side.”

side by side, shotgun, hunting

After the century, the next will open again with the black powder protagonist and with the emergence in Britain of a gun making excellent school who scored for centuries to come the history of the weapon hunting. High-sounding names, which by now become legendary Greener, Westley Richards, Holland & Holland, Purdey, Manton, Lancaster, operating on the British mainland and in later years would have produced a multitude of patents, still working basis for the modern manufacturers.

Their incessant chase in projects and realizations was almost forced by the emergence definitively dust infumi that allowed, now, the use of two shots effectively. No more smoke on top of the barrel and excellent visibility over the target. But the dust infumi brought a great upheaval in the structure of the weapon. Was no longer the single piece, but became tilting, to allow the opening and the insertion in the back of that extraordinary efficacy which is the container of the cartridge. He was born breech that in a short time would definitively dismissed the weapon muzzle loading. The English teachers strove and chased for decades in search of the best compromise of stability and functionality of the syde by side, patenting solutions that still bear their names, always beautifully made ​​and very high cost. But it was still the imperial England, is wealthy buyers could afford everything.

side by side, shotgun, hunting

When you reach the beginning of 1900, the syde by side hunting began to become “popular”; on the European continent hunting rights were more affordable for many and this social status, and new Democrat in the portfolio, led to the development of productive sectors in France, Belgium and Italy where the syde by side, less refined aesthetics, but equal effectiveness for the British, it was built with less price  exasperated. The market “popular” required shotguns less sophisticated and more “battle”, the hunter Italian called the “gun” that flanked surely the dog. Both had similar prerogatives; few frills and a lot of substance to bring a bit ‘of protein in poor canteens.

side by side, shotgun, hunting

Difficult century for Europe 1900 marked century ago, two catastrophic wars and difficult it was for the syde by side. An American by the genius mind for mechanics, Browning, patented and devised the most bitter enemy that syde by side could expect: the semiautomatic capable of firing a number of shots well over two not to be recharged. And the same snubbed by the companies of his country thought it well to come to Europe to convince the FN Belgian to produce as many copies simply awesome his jewel.

 While decreasing for reasons of law respectful of the fauna, the number of shots possible, the semi-automatic has finally established itself as the undisputed king in its many configurations reset, taking the path that the industry has been able to put it on the market at affordable prices all budgets.

  And the syde by side suffered and suffered. But it was not over here the crisis of syde by side. Another double-barreled weapon, this sometimes overlapping, was the protagonist of the second part of 1900, relegating even further syde by side in the closets of the hunters.

The superimposed infinitely less pleasant but much more effective for ballistic reasons, was joined together with the semi-automatic and the same was king of advertising in magazines. The syde by side more and more agonizing.

Many companies began even to take it out of production and only in Britain resisted, assault of other weapons. In fact, major manufacturers (and I quote the national Bernardelli, Fausti, FPA, F.lli Piotti, SIAC, Saleri, etc.), they continue to produce the perfecting techniques and new materials, but the request was asphyxiated; the syde by side was no longer in fashion!

But in these last five years of the new century, there is something new in the air regarding the syde by side. A return, and a welcome back to all of us aficionados of the weapon hunting. For a variety of reasons, syde by side is coming back in the catalogs of the companies and the desires of hunters. E ‘for different materials, construction techniques and concepts, but is always our dear and beloved syde by side.

For reasons of expediency production has dropped by WW Greener said he saw the syde by side consists of 95 shares most of which were components of the receiver. You are introduced lower cost manufacturing processes with a new concept of the receiver “integral” to the work required more durable and less expensive to produce, resulting from a single forged. This accepts shots easier to produce and also allows to obtain in many cases, a finished product very slender, which takes the name of “round body”.

side by side, shotgun, hunting

The relaunch is conveyed in a very accelerated thanks to modern means of communication; internet, email and the many exhibitions devoted to outdoor activities are a big stage for many products, syde by side included. But also concepts with less impact to nature and a more reasonable hunting, he did bring in the catalogs the syde by side, after that for years the rage in them  semi-automatic.

But the revival of the weapon juxtaposed, as well as the prices now more affordable, it is also facilitated by the hunter. All of us, while hunting in the modern era with all the limitations present, we are incurably nostalgic, and syde by side, which was his grandfather’s, we’ve never forgotten. In fact we almost worshiped, each time taking the modern weapon for hunting, we let the, sleeping in the closet armored. Most of us had already fertile mind to return syde by side and did not know they have it.

But attention the syde by side modern is not what it was! That generic grandfather with 71 cm rods and bottlenecks 3:01 star. Today, thanks to modern technology and the many solutions applied in time to many different types of hunting weapon, syde by side is the tool specialized for hunting thick. All are equipped with interchangeable chokes, and are again produced, thanks to the thrust of some meritorious Club (Club 16 gauge, Club 28-410) in most of the gauges on bascule dedicated.

Coming to the companies, those are absolutely Italian leader in the production of syde by side. Disappeared or almost all English teachers and rarefattisi significantly Belgian and French were we to dictate to the world stage.

Beretta has revived in 2013, his syde by side “Parallel 486″, full of excellent technological solutions both in materials and workmanship. Franks has a catalog a syde by side carrying a prestigious name of the house, the “Condor”. Rizzini with the innovative integral receiver has two families of doublets BR 550 and 552, while Fausti, in continuity with its past to catalog a large number of models is much appreciated hammerless that stray dogs.
F.A.I.R. always appreciated producer of overlapping, has launched a new project called ISIS, which are formed by an interesting set of doublets with or without folders side, produced in many calibers. Bernardelli, known worldwide for the Italian syde by side, continues its excellent production and also other houses, not present in the past in the production of reeds juxtaposed, working for several years with excellent products. Among these Effebi, RFM, Sabatti, Vi-but, Falco, Silma.

Some of these companies have achieved high levels of specialist shotguns aimed at special hunts. Fausti, Effebi and R.F.M. produce specific shotguns for hunting woodcock, with reeds and bottlenecks especially short or non-existent rayed.

And the former English teachers are watching, rather buy from us !!!

Alessio Ceccarelli

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